2020 Carnegie Conference Sessions

2019 Carnegie Conference Schedule


Day 1

Joe Moore, Carnegie


Details to come

David Lewis, Keynote

The Power Between Your Lips

One of the most important skills to master in life is your ability to communicate. Some of the earliest forms of communication began as illustrated stories on the walls of caves to teach others how to survive and prosper. Fast forward 40,000 years and we now know that engagement through storytelling is rooted in our biology. Breakthroughs in neuroscience have helped us understand how the brain works and how you can use the power of storytelling to influence your audiences like never before. Get ready for one of the most engaging presentations you’ve ever attended as you both experience and learn storytelling frameworks and techniques you can incorporate into every sales and marketing initiative.

Tom Edwards

Computer Vision and the Evolution of Experience

Over the coming months, we will see a significant increase in the amount of media attention to the topics of AI + AR—specifically, computer-vision-enhanced experiences. This session, based on proprietary research, details the rapidly approaching evolution of experience through technology that empowers, intelligent systems that enhance, and the convergence of physical and digital heading toward synthetic reality. Attend this session for:

  • A look at how technology that empowers consumers, such as a camera as a platform, is changing how we interface and interact with technology

  • An exploration of intelligent systems from conversational experiences, machine and deep learning, and the topic of intelligence augmentation

  • An overview of computer vision and the role of location data and augmented reality on redefining the world through the lens of Gen Z

  • Implications for marketers as we evolve from consumer-centric marketing to system-based marketing through algorithms.

Becky Davis

Conversion Optimization

Details to come

Tyler Borders, Carnegie

Team Chemistry: Who Are You?

The most interactive conference session you’ll ever attend! You will experience the next frontier of individual and team diagnostics: Team ChemTM. Before it’s through, you’ll discover your unique, individual personality across dozens of psychometric and performance factors and understand your team members and team dynamics in an entirely new way. Get ready to learn more about yourself and how to best communicate for maximized team performance.

Bethany Singer-Baefsky

How GDPR Impacts Your Marketing

The General Data Protection Regulation went into effect this past May, impacting every company or organization that collects personal data from the EU. This renewed emphasis on data privacy, combined with seemingly daily reports of data breaches and security mishaps, can be seriously overwhelming—what's a lead gen marketer, recruiter, or compliance officer to do? With data processing operations on the line, terrifyingly high maximum fines for violations, and a barrage of client questions, GDPR compliance isn't just a legal requirement—it's a business imperative. This session (while not legal advice) will offer tips and tricks for navigating GDPR's rocky waters.

Jared Brickman, Carnegie

Being Proactively Predictive in Research to Craft Meaningful Messaging

Most marketing research stops short of its potential by only looking at descriptive results. Unfortunately, percentages and headcounts don’t always tell the whole story about an audience. With only slight tweaks to how you ask questions and analyze results, you can become proactively predictive with behavioral models, allowing for unparalleled control in message development. This presentation will arm you with creative new research tools and key statistical concepts so your research can transform from a spreadsheet of raw numbers to an actionable story.

Linda Bonnin

Owning and Amplifying Your Brand

Details to come

Dana DiTomaso

SEO and Reporting

Details to come


5 in 25

In 25 minutes, we will breakdown five must-do marketing tips and takeaways for your target audience.
5 in 25: Traditional Undergrad
5 in 25: Graduate
5 in 25: International

Day 2

Melanie Deziel

Everyone Loves A Good Story: The Five Keys To Effective Content

With brands and marketers of all kinds increasingly taking up the torch of storytelling and leveraging content across their own properties, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and approaches to be learned from the world of journalism. This session will share the five most important journalistic best practices, helping marketers in higher education to integrate powerful, relatable, and credible content into strategies for recruitment, engagement, retention, and more.

Corey Perlman

Avoid Social Media Overload! 5 Ways to Simplify Your Strategy and Maximize Results

In this session, Corey will share key insights, best practices, and content strategy tips to maximize your social media efforts. The audience can expect to take away:

  • Fish where the fish are: Don’t be a jack of all social media sites and master of none.

  • Using LinkedIn as a sales and prospecting tool

  • Facebook and Instagram best practices

  • Content creation: A simple strategy for creating consistent, compelling content

  • What to own, what to delegate, and what to ignore

Jason Dailey

Social and Mobile

Social media and mobile have become students’ primary means of interacting with the world. The creation of video content is exploding, and people are consuming and sharing an astounding amount of it on mobile. Unsurprisingly, they’re using these platforms to provide news and information, inform everything from their school selection to course choices, and stay connected to the communities that matter most to them. For professional communicators within higher education, attention to this shift is critical. In this presentation, we’ll explore new social trends in higher education, how students consume video on mobile, and best practices for developing content that captures attention.

Michael Levine

Leveraging LinkedIn: Insights to Grow Enrollments & Improve Outcomes

Details to come

David Stillman

Make Way for Gen Z

Believe it or not, there’s life after the millennial generation. A new generation of students is attending college and grad school, yet not enough leaders are paying attention! Are you ready for Gen Z? Don’t be surprised when you find out they are nothing like millennials. The time to get to know them is today. If you treat Gen Z like millennials, it will backfire. The leading edge of Gen Z is well into their 20s. They are avoiding debt, future focused, and practical. And they want to be the directors of their own futures. Gen Z and higher education—did you know:

  • 66% report that college debt is their top concern.

  • 75% said there are good ways of getting an education other than by going to college.

  • 88% of 2017 college grads chose a major with job availability in mind.

  • You will learn:
    • The key events and conditions that shape Gen Z

    • What it will take to recruit the Gen Z student

    • Gen Z’s key traits and how they play out in higher education

    • How Gen Z is similar and different from the other generations and where they are likely to click and clash

Jim Hetherton

Productivity Hacks to Manage the Stuff That Sucks Your Time

Ever thought you should get better at managing your time? Have you spent ages wondering how some people seem to be able to get so much more done than you, or how you can learn to cope with the endlessly growing volume of emails and other things that need to be done?

Do you wonder why there just never seems to be enough hours in the day?

Better time management is not the answer. Why, you ask? Think about it—can you “manage" time, can you put an extra hour in the day, make a minute longer? We have no control over the passage of time, which is why you should focus on the things you can control and manage, such as mind set, skill set, and tool set.

What will you learn?

  • The power of habits, mind set, attention, and energy

  • How to deal with interruptions even in an “open plan" office

  • How to put the “magic” back in emails—learn how to get your inbox to "zero”

  • Meetings and how to make them “magic”

  • How to say “no” but stay nice

  • How to power up your to-do lists

  • Productivity hacks to empower your day and week