Colby-Sawyer College Case Study

Strategic Digital for Enrollment Growth

Colby-Sawyer College Case Study

The Challenge.

Colby-Sawyer College needed a strategic marketing partner for three primary goals: increasing lead generation and yielding students from acceptance through deposit, building brand awareness in its home state of New Hampshire and beyond, and generating enrollment growth and interest in its nursing programs. The College selected Carnegie through a competitive RFP process in which technical marketing expertise and higher education focus were priorities.

Colby-Sawyer College Case Study

The Strategy.

Following in-depth onboarding and discussions of the College’s long-term goals and enrollment goals for the year, we developed an overall strategy and launched campaigns. Our full-funnel approach included outreach tactics, inquiry list targeting, and yield promotion. TikTok, Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, OTT, and YouTube served as awareness-driving tactics, while PPC, Facebook, and Retargeting helped move students through various stages in the funnel, from inquiring to applying and signing up for events.

Colby-Sawyer also leveraged CollegeXpress, Carnegie’s proprietary awareness and inquiry generation site, to help achieve its goals for demographic diversity. Our team continuously optimized campaigns toward CSC’s primary goals, also providing consultation on high-level industry challenges and best practices.

Display Retargeting
Facebook/Instagram Behavioral + Retargeting
Social Media Marketing
Streaming Media
Discovery Ads
IP Targeting
Colby-Sawyer College Case Study

The Results.

Marketing and admission leadership recognized Carnegie’s campaigns and partnership as a resounding success, noting growth in awareness and inquiries across undergraduate audiences and nursing and professional learning programs. Several KPIs demonstrated growth in awareness, including more than 550,000 streaming video impressions, a 23% increase in new website visitors from New Hampshire, and a 12% YoY increase in direct web traffic. As of late spring, more than 1,916 undergraduate inquiries and 57 applications had been attributed to CollegeXpress and Carnegie digital ads. In addition, CollegeXpress increased geographic inquiry diversity and helped the College reach and engage prospective students even when in-person recruitment was limited during the pandemic. Colby-Sawyer continues to work closely with Carnegie as its digital marketing partner.


Increase in new website visitors


Year-over-year growth in direct web traffic


Applications attributed to Carnegie Digital Ads

“Carnegie has consistently delivered a high level of customer service and a clear return on investment. Our partnership has proven very valuable for helping us achieve our enrollment goals.” Gregg Mazzola
Vice President for Marketing + Communications
Colby-Sawyer College

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