Slate Integrations

Maximizing your CRM investment includes building connectivity across your campus systems. Our team of integration experts will ensure you’re set up to exceed expectations as you work to automate your data transfers. Regardless of the system, we are here to help by providing seamless, end-to-end integrations.

Slate-Side Integrations

Through Slate-side export queries, import source formats, and SFTP configuration, we can connect Slate to your Student Information System (SIS), Document Management System (DMS), Content Management System (CMS), or another campus platform. We expedite the integration process while utilizing best practices and protecting sensitive data.

Full Slate + External System Integrations

With access to your Central Application System (CAS) or PlatformQ Education’s Conduit platforms—and Slate—we step in to assist with both sides of the data exchange. With these systems, we configure the export, import, and automation functions on both sides of the data conversation.

Integrations Middleware

With the help of AMSimpkins & Associates (AMSA), we offer a seamless exchange of data between Slate and other enterprise systems using Connect, AMSA’s system-agnostic middleware. In-house technical assistance is no longer needed to ensure an uninterrupted flow of essential data. 

“Neumann continues to move forward with the strong support of Carnegie, powered by Underscore. We are so fortunate to have hit our budget goal and our enrollment goal, we worked through new Slate tools, and most importantly, we laughed a lot. I truly appreciate this partnership.” EDDIE WRIGHT
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Neumann University

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