Lead Generation for Student Search

Carnegie’s Student Search lead generation is distinctive in two ways. For one, we adamantly believe that a data-driven sourcing strategy that focuses on fit is the most successful way to recruit and retain students. And two, this strategy should always be turned on, in order to diversify. It’s student centric and market mindful, and, yes, it’s a different approach than you’ve seen in the past.

Focus on Fit

Our Enrollment Strategy team will deliver a Name Purchasing Model based on your enrollment data and market intelligence analysis to ensure that your selections are precise and have the highest likelihood of conversion. Our philosophy is to identify and cultivate the best students for your institution, moving away from the traditional high-volume, low-conversion Student Search of the past and toward a more student-centric model that drives real connection and optimizes your Student Search budget.

Always On

Deploy an always-on strategy with CollegeXpress, our highly customizable lead generation platform offering segmentation from gender and geography to academic interest and aptitude. Supported by targeted email marketing and on-platform digital advertising, CX is a fruitful and diversified lead source option for your Student Search.

The most comprehensive, multichannel recruitment and branding tool available to colleges and universities, CollegeXpress provides always-on brand reach and lead generation for sophomores through seniors and builds a strong pipeline for your enrollment year over year.

Diversified Sources

We go beyond the traditional lead sources to meet students where they are. A pillar of Carnegie’s Student Search is our digital execution, including digital advertising and web personalization for lead generation. Digital provides a practical layer to any sophomore, junior or senior Student Search and can be used in further segmentation for new prospects and those already in your pipeline. This is a great always-on option, timely driver and diversified lead source. Paired with a thoughtful web personalization strategy you will account for an array of ports of entry and milestone moments in a student’s journey. Learn more about our industry-leading digital marketing services for Student Search.

Integrated Management

Wherever they come from, your leads are seamlessly integrated into your CRM with a Carnegie-supported Slate Student Search. This means you own and have access to all student records regardless of their performance within your campaign, empowering you to maximize your reporting and non-responder campaigns.

Record Ownership

We’ll say that one more time, with a Carnegie Student Search you own all the data and always have access to your Student Search records. Leads are immediately, if not automatically, integrated into your Slate CRM, ensuring that for every penny spent you have a student record to show for it. Practically, this means you can communicate to your entire database, leveraging non-responder and late responder strategies, as well as benefiting from full database reporting.

Right fit, diversified, and always on.

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