Personalized Fulfillment for Student Search

We translate your core narrative into head-turning visuals and imagination-capturing copy across all channels, resulting in a Student Search that will stand apart and create connection. Your creative will inspire affinity, engagement, and action. Your fulfillment will be agile, automated, and expertly supported.

YOUR Creative

Carnegie’s team of designers, writers, developers, and directors effectively humanize your university through creative execution and fulfillment. Each Student Search campaign begins with an intelligent content strategy, setting the stage for every decision, pen stroke, and pixel placement that follows. Accompanying digital and multimedia strategies continue your story, presenting a clear message to your prospects. Not only will your creative pieces be imaginative and inspired, but they’ll be rich in story—your story.

With Darts or Carnegie Motivator, we can take personalization a step further and personify your efforts to humanize your communication. We develop Dart- or Motivator-segmented Student Search campaigns for email, print, and digital advertising—for all your important audiences.

Any Audience, Any Channel

We’re higher education experts experienced in developing communications for all your critical audiences: seniors, juniors, sophomores, non-responders, parents, prospective visitors, transfers, grad students and all persona types, to name a few.


Our Creative for Student Search includes strategy, writing, design, and photo/video support for:



Your Student Search print collateral will be custom, data driven, and unique to you. We’re experienced in developing search mailers, value and outcomes booklets, viewbooks, admissions and financial aid packets, postcards, academic letters, and more.


Digital Advertising 

Our digital campaign themes differentiate your ad creative to tell a more unique and powerful story. A compelling visual and verbal style and narrative elevate your digital presence across websites and channels, motivating audiences to take the next step. 


Email Copy + Templates

The key to a successful Student Search campaign are multiple touchpoints that excite, engage, and compel students to take action. Our email copy highlights your most compelling differentiators, tailored and segmented to speak to audience needs and interests at key points in their journey. We’ll build beautiful, on-brand email templates for your Student Search in your Slate CRM so they’ll be ready to go for any communications need you may have.


Campaign Themes

A winning Student Search theme is activated across your communication campaigns to achieve greater market differentiation, awareness, and engagement.


Landing Pages, Portals + Microsites

We design and build landing pages, microsites, and portals to fit your Student Search needs. For a 360 experience we recommend enhancing your web experience for prospects, either via web personalization, portals (via Slate), or microsites. We’ll make the best recommendation for your Student Search.

Expert-Lead Fulfillment

The operations of your Student Search fulfillment will be fully integrated and managed via your Slate CRM—supported by our Slate Strategist, Project Managers and Creatives. With a Carnegie + Slate Student Search your list management, email marketing, digital reporting and print management are all executed through your CRM, providing you a truly integrated and transparent Student Search.

Creative that is beautiful, data-driven, and uniquely you. Fulfillment that is agile, automated, and fully supported.

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