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In higher education, your website is your best opportunity to engage your audiences and shape your reputation. Make sure your site is in alignment with your enrollment goals, consistent with your brand story, integrated with your other marketing efforts, and furthering your advancement initiatives. A partnership with Carnegie ensures these objectives are at the forefront of your college website redesign strategy and guiding every decision made– from kick-off through launch.

Website Audits + Planning

We begin where we always do: with data. Our Google Analytics and SEO Strategists complete a thorough review of your site before creating intelligent structure and content maps focused on your audiences and long-term goals.

User Interface + Design

Your college or university’s brand personality comes to life through interface design concepts and prototyped pages. ADA Compliant and user-tested mock-ups tell a compelling visual story that creates consistency and elevates your brand reputation.

Content Creation + Management

The content strategy, creation, population, migration, and management plan for your site are intentional and measured from beginning to end, anchored in search engine optimization best practices, and tailored to your specific brand differentiators and value propositions.

Website Personalization

Customize content on your site based on a user’s behavior in real time through our personalization tools. Track user movement and digital marketing return on investment (ROI) through live dashboards. Optimize your site’s Slate integration through two-way data sharing and student portal experiences.

Development + Support

We’ll meet you where you’re at—whether in CMS selection and build out, front end development, custom integrations, site search, or hosting, maintenance, and support. Like each phase of website work, our approach to development is careful and considered.

First, build a site that you want to be found. Then make sure every piece of content on that site is working hard to be discovered.

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