Marketing Strategy

Strategic Marketing Has Changed Forever.

Colleges and universities must place more attention on reputation management and marketing strategy as evolving, competitive dynamics further impact higher education. Once you know who your institution is from a brand perspective, you have to engage audiences with your story to make an impact. Centralized marketing and communications operations driven by strategic planning, collaboration, and efficient execution increase your ability to tackle the challenges of enterprise-level identity, reputation, and awareness.

Marketing Strategy
  • From operations and communications to collateral and digital advertising, our strategists investigate what's under the hood of your audience engagement strategies, diagnose roadblocks in your brand positioning, and recommend a strategic course forward. Carnegie intuitively understands and adeptly navigates the stakeholders, structures, and campus dynamics within which all marketing strategy is set and executed -- and positions you to do the same.

  • Carnegie’s experts can equip you with the powerful tools necessary to achieve marketing success. Marketing strategists will provide detailed, comprehensive marketing plans for your enterprise or department, or a foundational marketing plan to serve as a stepping stone to more detailed plans in the future. We can provide go-to-market strategies for new programs or for entry into new markets. Enhance our suite of market share analyses with customized, market-specific strategies leveraging the accumulated data.

  • We go way beyond demographics. Our advanced segmentation strategy marries demographic and psychographic data, empowering you to find your best-fit students and to identify likely enrollments based on their behaviors and motivations.

By partnering with Carnegie, we were able to create a targeted and well-timed campaign to enhance the value of our international travel. We tested this on two different continents, and we’ve had record international student application and enrollment numbers ever since. Our Carnegie team made the project easy to manage, and the results speak for themselves! Scott Friedhoff
VP for Enrollment + College Relations
College of Wooster

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