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Carnegie is the future of higher education marketing and enrollment strategy, and has been since 1985. We connect colleges with students through the power of human connection by measuring and then marketing to a student’s unique behaviors and motivators. This leads to action, enrollment, retention, and lasting affinity.

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Our approach is built on an unrivaled psychometric methodology. By integrating rich, proprietary data with powerful psychological insights, we develop communications and strategies that forge the right connections and inspire targeted action.
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Digital Marketing | Jun 09
Spending time on our phones can be a fun distraction from daily life. But, focusing on our screens too much can result in missing out on real-world experiences. To counter negative associations with social media use, TikTok is implementing new features for teens and families to help manage their time on the app.
student behaviors and preferences
Digital Marketing | May 05
At Carnegie, we heavily rely on and trust the performance data we see from campaigns in Slate. From underclassman search to senior melt, we love to look at the numbers and let them guide us. Despite all the data we’re able to collect within Slate, there are still areas in which we want to learn more.
Higher Ed Buzzword Trends
Signature Creative | Apr 10
At Carnegie, we place ourselves in the shoes of students and dive deep into a client’s competitors’ marketing so that we can give our clients the advantage. As we wade the waters of viewbooks, digital ads, social media posts, videos, and websites, we’ve noticed trends in what higher ed institutions are saying about themselves right now. And we’ve found a lot of those schools using the exact same words.
Marketing Strategy | Apr 04
Remember Mosaic? Released in 1993 and considered the first widely used graphic web browser, Mosaic was a window to the brave new world wide web. At the time of Mosaic’s release, I was working at Trinity International University in communications; my buddies in IT and I were enthralled by this fantastic new technology.
Digital Marketing | Mar 30
Google previously announced that Universal Analytics properties will stop collecting data starting on July 1, 2023. To avoid gaps in collecting data, users must create a GA4 property before this deadline.
Digital Marketing | Mar 28
As a higher education marketer, you know there are big differences between undergrad and grad audiences, and even more nuanced differences between other, smaller segments (like international and adult audiences, for example). Consider these recommendations from the Carnegie Copywriting Team to ensure that your messages to these groups really hit home.
Texting Prospects
Digital Marketing | Mar 24
In college admissions, it has become a challenge to connect with prospective students via email. So how can a higher education institution find a way to connect with prospective students in this overly communicated world? The answer is text messages.
Carnegie News | Mar 13
Google named Carnegie’s digital marketing team as a 2023 Google Premier Partner. Carnegie is the only higher education marketing agency to hold this distinction. 
Facebook Ad Restrictions
Digital Marketing | Feb 28
It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Facebook is rolling out restrictions again when it comes to targeting ads toward a certain audience. As of February 20, 2023, some targeting and campaign options will no longer be available when you create ads that include people under the age of 18 globally (under 20 in Thailand and under 21 in Indonesia) in your desired audience. While it’s good that teen and youth privacy is being taken seriously, it may pose a challenge for your institution's ads to recruit prospective college students. How can you make sure they’re still seen?
Enrollment Management | Feb 22
Keeping your team up-to-date on best practices and new features in Technolutions’ CRM Slate. Slate is vital for staying ahead of the curve but, as many Slate users understand, learning to effectively apply the system’s different modules can take time and result in a long list of questions.

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