Small College Initiative

Carnegie’s Small College Initiative

Having partnered with hundreds of small colleges throughout its history, Carnegie recognizes that small colleges are facing unique challenges—we intend to deliver the innovation required to best support the small college community. 

The Small College Initiative aims to serve the small college community through three initial commitments:


Continuing the legacy of an essential annual conference.

We recently announced our acquisition of the National Small College Enrollment Conference (NSCEC), the industry’s only conference dedicated to serving the needs of small colleges. Ensuring the NSCEC continues to thrive is the keystone of our Small College Initiative. As we assume the role of owner and host of this important conference, we do so with the promise to uphold the founding mission: The National Small College Enrollment Conference brings together peers, professionals, and thought leaders to support and increase the knowledge of individuals engaged in all aspects of the small college enrollment profession. You can read more about this acquisition in our press release, and visit to learn more about the 2023 conference!

Specialized Products

Products designed to better support the needs of small institutions.

As a part of the Small College Initiative, we analyzed past small college successes, the services that delivered that success, and the scope that best fit our partners. The result is a suite of services designed with the needs of small colleges in mind. We now offer small college solutions in website development, financial aid optimization, Slate implementation, and lead generation via CollegeXpress Platform.

Small College Expertise

Project teams assembled not only for their talent, but for personal and professional small college backgrounds.

We know that project teams that understand the small college landscape are the most efficient and effective teams for you. We’re fortunate to have many talented professionals who have come to Carnegie from professional positions on small college campuses or who have been educated at a small college. We intend to build our small college teams with these individuals going forward.

Carnegie recognizes that small colleges are facing unique challenges and intends to deliver the innovation required to best support the small college community.

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This is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

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