Integrated Research

Powerful Research, Unparalleled Insights

Carnegie’s cutting-edge, proven methodologies and advanced analytical approaches give you the game-changing insights needed to transform your enrollment, marketing and branding, and communications outcomes. Power past guesswork around student needs, markets, and programs in favor of actionable, statistically valid results. Whether turn-key or tailored, we’re confident our research solutions will answer your prevailing questions—both the common and the unexpected.

Integrated Research
  • How well your institution’s personality and story resonate with your audience will ultimately determine your consideration set positioning in the market. High-impact, targeted research methodologies track down and benchmark your audience’s authentic perceptions— enabling growth in competitive differentiation, distinctive value propositions, and decisive digital strategies.

  • Every student has their own unique motivations, communications preferences, and program or career interests. Ground your vital programming, communications, and promotion decisions in progressive research that breaks through to an audience's core identity.

  • Location is everything. Determine where your institution would be most successful and craft region-specific strategies with forward-thinking, penetrating insights into your market-specific performance.

  • Logos, taglines, names, and creative products are opportunities to reinforce and propel your institutional reputation. Confidently launch new campaigns and creative elements based on the strength of rigorous market testing, internal evaluation, and expert analysis.

  • Competitive analyses provide colleges and universities with powerful insights into direct competitors and identify prime positioning opportunities that will set you apart. From websites and social media presence to print and video campaigns, we analyze the communication channels most responsible for shaping prospective student perception and engagement.

  • Our research philosophies, approach, and methodologies are both dynamically evolving yet tried and true. We’re prepared to skillfully answer any query you or your data might raise, with research solutions tailored specifically to your goals. Advance your understanding and visualize results through leading-edge, custom research with Carnegie.

Game-changing research for transformative enrollment and marketing results

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