Creative Evaluation

Reinforce and propel your institutional reputation with creative research that identifies the best logos, taglines, names, and creative products for connecting with your audience. Customized creative elements are based on the strength of rigorous higher education market testing, internal creative evaluation techniques, and expert analysis– so you can launch new campaigns with confidence.

Internal Creative Focus Groups

Stakeholders for an institution will be more apt to buy into brand design and campaign choices when they’re involved in the creative process. Our internal creative focus groups allow for a controlled forum of design innovation. Led by our creative experts in a highly interactive workshop environment, participants will get a chance to offer key insights into initial design concepts and to offer in-depth qualitative feedback that shapes the final outcome.

Audience Creative Testing

How will your college or university’s intended audience react to your creative output? Doing logo testing, program name or image testing, or billboard campaign testing offers the chance to quantitatively affirm what resonates and where there is room for improvement. This quantitative approach to creative consumer research goes directly to your target audience and allows for creative comparisons between design options. Put your creative up against a competitor’s offering to see what is most appealing and engaging to those who matter most.

The Experts Panel Creative Testing

Sometimes refining a design requires the eyes of seasoned experts. Carnegie enlists senior designers from around the country with more than a decade of experience each to review content and offer suggestions for improvement. Evaluating creative from the lenses of technical precision, aesthetic beauty, brand differentiation, and usability, this creative testing offers high-precision qualitative data.

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