Market Analysis

Carnegie’s in-depth, innovative insights into your market-specific performance will help you determine where your institution has the most to gain. Then we’ll work together to craft customized, region-specific strategies for success — because location is everything.

Geospatial Analysis

Optimizing existing markets requires smart considerations of your enrollment data trends. Using a subset of your historical data at different stages (inquiry to matriculant), we identify key regions, areas, or neighborhoods in your existing markets that still have potential. We supplement this with demographic information to develop customized strategies for meeting more high-compatibility students right in your own backyard.

Market Opportunity Analysis

With dozens of potential markets to invest in, a data-backed market viability analysis can help to avoid a mismatch between an institution’s goals and its expansion into new markets. Using existing enrollment data and demographic evaluations of prospective markets, New Market Identification organizes your opportunities and uncovers hidden potential using either a regional, super-regional, or national approach.

Zip Code Modeling

For schools looking to optimize their market strategy and investment, Zip Code Targeting Models are a must. Zip Code Models are built on your enrollment data and zip-code specific demographic data, a combination that provides a powerful and precise opportunity map. Use your custom models to identify new lookalike markets where you will find enrollment success or to evaluate saturation in existing markets– pinpointing zip codes where you can make gains. The outcome is a strategic prioritization of new or existing markets for prospect name purchases, digital advertising, or recruitment travel.

Marketing Insights Survey

Some enrollment strategy questions can only be answered by going straight to the source. Pondering a tuition price change and need to know how your price elasticity compares in different markets? Want to understand how a new program offering might support strategic enrollment in one group over another? Wondering if the investment of time and money in that new social media platform will be returned versus other options? These are all questions that can be answered with a market survey. We’ll design your survey, secure the audience, and return with vital answers not found anywhere else.

Neighborhood Profiles/Personas

Understand how to most effectively communicate with your audiences with our neighborhood psychographics report, designed to address your specific type and markets of interest. Reveal what students in those markets are looking for in a college or university, what messaging resonates, and what platforms are important to their college search process.

Market-Specific Marketing Plans

We’ll expertly combine higher education market research and strategy to create your customized action plan, drawing on market-specific data and insights to identify growth opportunities. Deploy strategies and resources that cultivate awareness, affinity, and reputation for your institution with your marketing plan as a guide. Your market-specific roadmap can stand on its own or contribute to a larger enterprise-wide marketing plan.

"We have not only benefitted from Carnegie's insight and expertise, but have been thrilled with their responsiveness and communication. For us, the biggest impact was made on the research side, which provided an incredibly solid foundation for us to carry out a new approach to the OU brand, marketing, and advertising initiatives. The research, along with "brand blitzes," helped us implement a storytelling approach that has been shown to resonate with our key audiences." Mandy Summers
Director of UCM Operations and Brand Initiatives
Oakland University

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