Strategic Marketing Planning

“Are we doing enough in our marketing strategy to attract students?” “We know where we want to be. How do we get there?” Carnegie’s expansive and powerful industry knowledge of marketing strategy for higher education will help you answer these questions by diagnosing the precise tactics you need to synthesize your team’s efforts — empowering you with actionable insights that drive brand reputation and enrollment.

Enterprise-Wide Marketing Plan Development

We listen carefully to your challenges and goals through a detailed discovery process with your key stakeholders. Carnegie’s experts will analyze your marketing communications strategies, systems, processes, and goals to provide a comprehensive, detailed marketing plan that makes it easy to divide roles and responsibilities that you can build on year after year.

Unit-Specific Marketing Plan Development

Carnegie’s experts laser in on the communications strategies and operations for a specific unit or department–like undergraduate admissions–and then analyze your challenges and goals. The result is a customized marketing plan with step-by-step strategies and tactics that equips your team to operate at a higher level, meeting nationwide best practices and achieving your goals.

Program-Specific, Go-to-Market Strategy Formation

Launching or expanding new programs can be overwhelming. Carnegie’s strategic marketing for educational institutions provides your team with a blueprint for how to dominate the market and stand out from your competitors. We help you identify enrollment goals, target audiences, marketing objectives and tactics, and the budget needed to build familiarity and reputation for specific programs in distinct markets.

Audience Segmentation Strategies for Enrollment

In your marketing strategy for college admissions, segmenting audiences by demographics doesn’t make the grade. Carnegie not only identifies key demographic segments, but also reveals your prospects’ psychographics. We harness the power of how people feel, what they value, and what motivates them. Equipped with that insider knowledge, you can create segmented messaging with pinpoint accuracy, increasing connection–and conversions–with your target audiences.

Marketing Operations + Communications Analyses

Carnegie’s experts conduct in-depth discovery to diagnose what is working–and what is not–in your college or university’s marketing operations. This thorough analysis of your existing operations, infrastructure, strategies, and resources is supplemented with detailed recommendations used to meet your immediate and long-term goals– while also developing nationwide best practices.

Go-to-Market Strategies

Rooted in research and an understanding of your goals and needs, Carnegie’s go-to-market strategies provide a blueprint for bringing a program to market or for expanding your reach by entering a new one. These strategies consider the specificity of your needs and outline the best tactics and likely costs– empowering you to make strategic decisions on allocation of resources and execution in the market.

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