Digital Marketing

Unlock the Power of Data.

Digital marketing requires constant innovation. The landscape changes all of the time, and no one understands the terrain as well as we do. As your leading-edge guides, we’re eager to bring thoughtful strategy to your ideas-- from inception until everything goes live. Above all, it’s curated just for you: your audience, your university, your goals.

Digital Marketing
  • More than 70% of students turn to search engines when researching schools and degree programs. Carnegie’s insightful strategies cut through the competition to highlight your brand in front of key prospects.

  • Carnegie’s next-generation targeted banner ad strategies and digital marketing solutions keep your college or university top of mind for prospects at every point in their journey.

  • Authentically connect with your audience in an increasingly crowded market. Carnegie fearlessly crafts new and unexpected social media advertising strategies across all channels.

  • Carnegie connects you with high school and college-aged students and their decision-making caregivers by targeting their interests, at a fraction of traditional TV and radio advertising costs.

  • Know how your audience interacts with your college or university’s website. Google Analytics and Carnegie Clarity™ illuminate key behaviors to track the effectiveness of campaigns and help tailor your message.

Challenge the Traditional with Carnegie’s Digital Marketing Strategies

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