Digital Display Marketing

Carnegie’s next-generation targeted banner ad strategies keep your college or university top of mind for prospects at every point in their journey.

Digital Display Outreach

Put your institution’s name in front of new prospects consistently. Display Outreach campaigns broadcast your message according to your goals— targeting students, parents, and stakeholders with the potential to connect with your brand.

IP Targeting

IP Targeting matches an individual’s mailing address to their home IP address, empowering you to deliver strategic messaging to anyone in that residence—including parents and other influencers—on every device they’re using. From any relevant mailing list, our powerful campaigns build brand awareness that expand your audience and create new connections.


Our Retargeting services consistently place your school’s brand in front of prospective students after their first visit to key pages of your website. When done right, Retargeting helps drive conversions throughout the enrollment journey, nurturing a relationship of familiarity between you and your prospective students.

Audience Select

Reach and recruit your undergraduate prospects with unmatched precision. Our proprietary service aggregates data from our CollegeXpress platform to mirror national undergraduate admission standards based on advanced demographics like academic achievement, household income, ethnicity, and more.

Mobile Footprints

Carnegie’s Mobile Footprints technology sends targeted advertisements to mobile phones and other devices based on their specific geofenced locations, such as feeder high schools, community colleges, or relevant businesses. This connection extends the reach of your brand from prospective students to their parents, and to other outside influencers.

Digital Display advertising helps you outpace and outshine your competitors while enthralling audiences, attracting curious prospects, and increasing enrollment numbers.

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