Pay Per Click

As an official Google Partner, our Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns grab the attention of quality prospects by propelling your brand to the top of their search results. Create conversations that lead to excited enrollments. At Carnegie, PPC is in our DNA.

Pay Per Click Strategies

Our constant campaign review means that from the first moment we launch to the final lifetime report, we repeatedly analyze our bidding strategies, deploy optimizations, assess performance, and optimize toward conversion in all of your Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing and paid search retargeting campaigns.

Keyword Identification

Not all keywords are created equal. Our team will do the heavy lifting to identify the keywords you should be targeting based on your objectives and programs, and we’ll craft a bidding strategy that will ensure conversion while maximizing your investment.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Your audience requires different messaging at each stage in the enrollment cycle. With RLSA, we optimize your search ads to offer targeted messaging to returning visitors. Armed with this technology, our team can tailor ads to your audience at a precise moment of their journey.

PPC delivers your brand to curious, intrigued eyes with a defined message that establishes your institution’s identity and presence.

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