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We Are
Your Team.

We are right definers. We are your intelligence. We are truth revealers. We are your clarity. We are obstacle breakers. We are your partners. We are audience shapers. We are your connection. We are brand illuminators. We are your insight. We are story forgers. We are your voice. We are connection creators. WE ARE YOUR TEAM.

About Carnegie

Who We Are.

For more than 30 years, Carnegie has been a leader and innovator in higher education marketing and enrollment strategy, offering groundbreaking services in the areas of Research, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Slate Optimization, Student Search, Website Development, and Creative that generate authentic connections.

We connect colleges with students through the power of human connection. We believe that genuine connection is the key to capturing attention and building affinity. Our core philosophy fuses the principles of human psychology with marketing and enrollment innovation; we measure and then market to a student’s unique behaviors and motivators to create deep connection and real conversation. This leads to action, enrollment, retention, and lasting affinity.

As partners, we are an extension of your team; your goals are our goals. We are honored by the partnerships we have made and the clients we work with day in and day out. We believe in building long-lasting relationships, earning your trust, and igniting enthusiasm for whatever challenge you face.

We are Carnegie. 

What We Do.

Carnegie builds custom solutions with best-in-every-class services. Our approach is data driven, personified, targeted, and customized to solve our clients’ unique enrollment needs and challenges.

How We Deliver.

FASTER. LEANER. SMARTER. We deliver better results. We deliver what others simply cannot because we have what others do not—original technologies, powerful data, precision tools, and decades of market leadership experience.

What We Care About.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company, we have a responsibility to invest in our people, in their passions, in their communities, and in causes that improve the quality of life for everyone. To that end, our TeamCare initiative was created, channeling each employee’s positive energy toward sustainable, inclusive, equity-providing change in our local and national spheres of influence.

This employee-led initiative is comprised of three pillars of focus, each with a dedicated team spearheading efforts and investments:

+ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

We believe in the power of differences. We embrace every piece of our humanity and desire to celebrate the backgrounds, perspectives, worldviews, and individual demographic and psychographic identifiers that have shaped and continue to shape who we are. We seek to nurture a culture of inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, sexuality, personality, cognition, physical ability, and other dimensions of identity. Finally, we are committed to actively working towards creating a more just, equitable environment for everyone—no exceptions.

+ Sustainability:

Starting with our own offices and lifestyle choices, Carnegie pursues environmentally-friendly practices and sustainable solutions to make the Earth greener and the planet healthier.

+ Philanthropy:

Through employee volunteer days, as well as corporate activities that produce in-kind and financial donations, Carnegie aims to build partnerships with local and national nonprofits, schools, and neighborhoods by fostering human connections within our communities and a socially conscious culture within our workplace.



Our Family of Brands.


About CollegeXpress (A Carnegie Company)

CollegeXpress is the most powerful lead generation engine in higher education, and has been since 1985. CollegeXpress.com is the go-to resource for the college and scholarship search for millions of students, parents, and counselors, which is why it’s a trusted tool for hundreds of colleges and universities.

About mStoner (A Carnegie Company)

As one of the industry’s most trusted web design and technology companies, mStoner builds elegant, creative, and effective web solutions for higher education. mStoner crafts powerful, tailored, human-centric online experiences to illuminate clients’ brands and allow institutions to tell the story only they can tell. Since 2001, mStoner has worked with more than 350 colleges, universities, and professional schools in the U.S. and abroad.

About Underscore (A Carnegie Company)

As the country’s largest dedicated Slate development and optimization team, Underscore is transforming the enrollment landscape by leveraging the power of Slate. Underscore’s team of higher education professionals are backed by decades of experience to help partner colleges and universities with Slate development and implementation, Student Search, and enrollment communications and strategy. Whether your goal is to increase enrollment, build in-house operations, or simply learn how to better utilize Slate, Underscore is ready to help.


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