Financial Aid Optimization

Individualized Strategy for Optimized Results

We deliver individualized financial aid strategy—not only customized for your institution, but customized for each student. A strategy built from the ground up, accounting for shifts in market forces and student behavior, monitored by our experts, from Maguire Associates (now a Carnegie company), for in-cycle optimization. It’s sophistication that leads to goal achievement.

Financial Aid Optimization
  • Find alignment among admissions strategies and financial aid practices with coordinated, consistent visions. Our econometric predictive modeling and consulting expertise accurately forecast net revenue and enrollment outcomes under a specified financial aid budget.

  • Develop more targeted and cost-efficient approaches to recruitment. By scoring every prospective student record, we give your team the ability to set priorities immediately. Our analysis will arm you with information about how likely a prospect will convert to an applicant, allowing for segmented messaging strategies that work.

  • Measure the likelihood of melt at the individual student level and conduct viability checks to understand prospect retention potential—for each strategy. As a part of this work you’ll also be able to identify enrolled students who are most at risk. Our experts will help you choose the best strategy, minimize melt, and maximize retention.

“UMSL’s admit volume has increased dramatically for full-time students, while keeping yield at similar levels using Maguire awarding strategies. Maguire has helped us find the value in our own data, additional data points we should be collecting, and increased collaboration between financial aid and admissions.” Reggie Hill
Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Enrollment
University of Missouri-St. Louis

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