Recruitment Modeling

Using predictive analytics and leaning on our extensive recruitment experience, we build custom models to transform raw admission and recruitment data into actionable insights. We score each prospective student, helping you focus limited resources and evaluate the return on your student search investments.

Limit Spending

With a custom built recruitment model you have the data to inform cost-saving decisions like which groups should and shouldn’t receive a robust (expensive) print package. Not all students will require the same level of content and expense to enroll—our models will determine the optimal marketing mix for each segment of your next recruitment class.

Increase Headcount

Prospective student tagging determines which students should receive phone calls from your counselors. This strategic prioritization of your staff’s time ensures they are having the most impactful conversations that will lead to enrollment.

Forecast Demographic Shifts

Recruitment modeling includes tracking the changing characteristics of your inquiry pool, which year over year and even month over month will drive changes in the composition of your class. In-cycle you’ll use this information to adjust your strategies and manage your pool for goal achievement.

Tools of Our Trade

When you work with Carnegie’s modeling team you’re getting tenured enrollment professionals who have spent years focusing on the data science of enrollment. Our team leverages sophisticated machine learning methodologies and pairs your own data with third party intelligence. The result is a more powerful model to inform prioritization of enrollment resources to achieve recruitment goals.

"With the help of Carnegie, University of the Ozarks was able to develop and implement a sound financial aid strategy in line with our mission of serving and preparing students from diverse backgrounds. We were extremely pleased with Carnegie’s approach to financial aid awarding solutions. Their leadership and guidance were instrumental in helping us recruit the largest and most diverse incoming class in the university’s 183-year history." RICHARD DUNSWORTH
University of the Ozarks

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