Slate Optimization

Best-In-Class Edtech and First-Class Support.

Our Slate Optimization team, powered by Underscore, saw the industry need and met it. Now we’re transforming the higher education landscape by leveraging the power of Slate—one project at a time. From custom implementations to in-house Student Search to dynamic portals, our market-leading expertise makes us the Gold Standard in Slate Optimization.

Slate Optimization

Our services are offered by the largest dedicated Slate team in the country and Technolutions’ very first Platinum Preferred Partner. Carnegie’s Slate Optimization team is a best-in-class development and implementation partner for Slate, the dominating education technology platform in higher education. We’re here to maximize your college or university’s customer relationship management (CRM) investment and personalize your audience’s experience.

  • Slate is a powerful enrollment tool for higher education. With proper setup, it can become a lasting part of your enrollment operations infrastructure that supports your goals for years to come. From first-time implementations to reimplementations and everything in between, we provide consultation and training with any Enrollment Management, Student Success, or Advancement project.

  • Leverage our team of experts to construct segmented campaigns based on academic, demographic, psychometric, and custom data points to meet your audiences where they are—without data transfer and with real-time campaign reporting.

  • Designed with your constituents in mind, our portals tailor the prospective student, current student, and donor journey. Improve your own experience with custom portals, including visually appealing reporting in your instance.

  • Your enterprise systems need to share data. We make sure that process is seamless and secure between SIS, CRM, or legacy systems.

Technolutions’ first Slate Platinum Preferred Partner

Slate Preferred Partners are selected by a comprehensive application process for their commitment to providing Slate users with only the most exceptional service. Each Preferred Partner is vetted by Technolutions and approved for participation. Platinum Preferred Partners receive the highest level of benefits in Slate support, which directly benefits our clients. We are the country’s largest dedicated Slate development and optimization team—100% focused on Slate. From Slate strategists and creatives to project managers, we are Slate specialists.

Technolutions’ first Slate Platinum Preferred Partner

Integrated Experience. Our Slate services are integrated with our best-in-class Creative, Digital, Enrollment Strategy, Lead Generation, Research, Student Search, and Web Development services for an end-to-end strategy experience.



“The Carnegie Slate Optimization team, they are Slate experts, and with their background in higher education, they are able to recommend improvements to our Slate instance that focus on efficiencies and enhanced customer service to prospective students and families.” KIM SELLE
Senior Director of Administration for Admissions & Aid
Washington University, St. Louis

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