Slate Trainings

Empower your team to become creative and thoughtful Slate operators with our custom trainings and interactive workshops. You design the agenda, ensuring time is spent most effectively and your team’s specific needs are met. Customized for your instance and formatted per your preference (in person or virtual), our team will ensure every topic and session is accessible and highly productive.

On-Campus Workshop

Let us bring our Slate experts to you. An on-campus workshop is the perfect format to gather your many campus partners and learn about the topics that matter most. These high impact, hands-on learning opportunities are ideal for tackling a system as complex and customizable as Slate. We curate a training plan that addresses the topics you’ve chosen and staff your workshop with the matching area experts.

Virtual Training

Luckily, Slate is designed to connect users, no matter the distance that separates them. Our virtual training sessions are broken into digestible modules, allowing active learning during the session as well as supported learning after the virtual training. You’ll receive the same level of expertise as an in-person session and also receive training recordings and documentation to use as your Slate build unfolds. This format provides an unlimited attendee option.

Carnegie Slate Camp

We have a deep bench when it comes to Slate expertise and are excited to bring those experts to you for Carnegie Slate Camp. Carnegie Slate Camps are in-person, two-day trainings that are held across the country throughout the year. Each Slate Camp will cover key modules used within Slate, based on the specific theme of that event. During the program, you can expect to develop a solid foundation and understanding of each topic through the execution of trainings and workshops.


View Carnegie’s upcoming Slate training events to learn more and register.

Tiny Trainings

Slate is constantly evolving and providing new avenues for creative solutions. To match this fever pitch of innovation, we’re now offering bite-sized trainings, three times a year, on timely Slate features. Tiny Trainings are two hours long and virtual for ultimate convenience and access.


Visit our Slate training portal to learn more and register.

Slate Demos

Our team of Slate experts continuously produces Slate demonstration videos that are free for you and your team. These on-demand videos are great resources to improve your knowledge of Slate’s CRM.

You can watch our Slate demos, along with a library of other higher ed marketing and enrollment webinars via our recorded webinar resources.

"I am so thankful for everything Carnegie's Slate Optimization team has done for us over this last year. There's no chance that we would have learned or accomplished half of what we achieved this year without this team. I've worked with a lot of vendor partners and I truly think of Carnegie as an extension of our team—I've never felt this way about a partner before. I am so very grateful to Carnegie and everything they've done with us this last year, and I look forward to partnering again in the future." Sam Carboni
Director of Marketing and Communications in Graduate Enrollment Management
University of North Carolina Charlotte

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