Slate Implementations

We bring our expertise in higher education and in Slate to your implementation or optimization, setting you up to exceed expectations. We customize your Slate instance using your unique business processes and our own best practices.

Custom Slate Implementations

We’ll meet you where you are. We offer Full Slate Implementations, from Learning Lab to go live, from Phase-Specific Implementations to Reimplementations. Our Platinum Preferred Partnership with Technolutions guarantees we’re on the leading edge of Slate features and upgrades– ensuring you’re getting the most out of your customer relationship management (CRM).


Slate Consultation + Training

Our goal for your Slate customer relationship management (CRM) is an excellent long-term set up that your staff can run and maintain when complete. We offer Implementation Training, Instance and Module Audits, and Specialized You-Choose-It Trainings to empower your staff to become Slate power users. We also provide an ongoing consultation option for those who need continuing support. 

Slate Development Projects

We pair functionality and creativity to develop the most impactful tools within Slate. Our suite of development projects includes Portals (student, financial aid, recruitment, and athletics), Advancement Modules, Net Price Calculators (NPCs), and Slate Student Applications. It doesn’t stop there. The possibilities in Slate are limitless, and our team is always up for a development challenge.


Slate Platinum Preferred Partner

We are honored to be Technolutions’ first Slate Platinum Preferred Partner. Carnegie’s Slate services are powered by Underscore.

The gold standard in Slate Optimization.

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