Lead Generation

The Most Powerful Lead Generation Engine: CollegeXpress

Connecting with prospective students at every stage of their journey is more challenging than ever before. CollegeXpress is the go-to resource for college and scholarship searches for millions of students, parents, and counselors, which is why it’s a trusted tool for hundreds of institutions.

Lead Generation
  • With more than 35 different audience segmentation options to mix and match, CollegeXpress offers tailored lead generation solutions to fit any undergraduate, graduate, transfer, and/or international enrollment goals.

  • Reach students, including elusive high school freshmen and sophomores, in the years leading up to their college decision—making the first connection early and gaining valuable visibility before they build an initial shortlist of schools.

  • Our database and web traffic are at your fingertips, giving you access to thousands of highly engaged college-bound students who are searching for higher education institutions like yours. Reach specific audiences with your own customized messaging, or take advantage of CollegeXpress’ interstitial ad placement to drill down into your exact student profile and generate leads that match your enrollment goals.

  • We can connect seamlessly with any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to ensure leads are in your hands within 24 hours of a prospect looking to connect with you. Gain a deeper understanding of your leads through our performance dashboard, which highlights user data by high school, graduation year, gender, GPA, major, and more.

More Lead Generation

Augment your CollegeXpress lead generation with digital marketing lead generation or a Student Search strategy as you’re making your enrollment plans. Our full life-cycle portfolio of services are integrated and executed in-house.



"We’re always looking for ways to use our admission resources wisely and invest in sources that produce results. For Florida Atlantic, CollegeXpress delivers high yield for minimal investment. Through CollegeXpress, we’re continuously getting in front of qualified students who are actively engaged in the college search process and interested in FAU." Maura Flaschner
Executive Director of Undergraduate Admission
Florida Atlantic University

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