Bringing Marketing Expertise to Advancement

It’s widely known that Gen X and millennials don’t give at the same frequency or with the same generosity as their boomer parents. As wealth changes hands and passes to the next generation, advancement offices are looking to strategically transform their fundraising strategies to connect with these younger generations.


This is where Carnegie comes in. We’ve been monitoring the behaviors of millennials and Gen X for decades. We understand them—their preferences, platforms, sensitivities, and aversions. We also know, for every individual, that genuine connection is the key to capturing attention and building affinity. As a result, we measure and then market to an individual’s unique behaviors and motivators to create deep connections and real conversations. And we do this on their platforms of choice, at frequencies that drive action and with creativity that stops them in their tracks.


Human Connection leads to action, enrollment, retention, and lasting affinity. This is why our tried and true solutions in marketing, communications, CRM optimization, and creative work for the alumni audience.


Human Connection leads to action, enrollment, retention, and lasting affinity

Precise Donor Screening + Personalized Solicitation

Acuity Darts is a precise donor screening and personalized solicitation tool that tells you which communications to prioritize and exactly what to say. It gives you custom intelligence on your prospect’s capacity to give, a comprehensive giving history, and their motivations, attitudes, and beliefs. Acuity Darts can be broken down into two parts:


Donor Identification + Prioritization:
Donor Identification and Prioritization allow you to forecast donor potential and focus your advancement efforts. Wealth screening, comprehensive giving history, and your engagement history are combined and analyzed to uncover a deeper understanding of the capacity and passion your donors have to support your organization. We pair the results with experienced guidance to help you structure an efficient prospect management plan you can implement quickly.


Donor Personas + Personalized Solicitations:
Psychographic Darts (advanced segmentation profiles) set your communications apart with highly personalized messaging. Darts are developed through in-person qualitative research and survey-based quantitative research. We use your data and your community to identify correlations between demographic and psychographic factors that definitively reveal your unique donor segments and what motivates them. The resulting audience segmentation analysis augments your donor prioritization data and is your team’s cornerstone for personalized solutions. Personal solicitations will lead to increased engagement, affinity, and conversions.


Acuity Darts is made possible through our partnership with Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates (JGA), a premier national provider of non-profit philanthropic and strategic consulting solutions.

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Digital Marketing for Advancement

Digital is the most effective way to ensure your annual campaign, day-of-giving, or event is front and center for your alumni. From strategy to execution, we’ve got you covered. For advancement audiences we offer an innovation called Darts to Digital, pairing our precise digital targeting and advanced persona segmentation to deliver messaging developed for the individual, on the platforms where they are engaged. Your campaigns will be supported by the best team in the business, who will ensure your donor or alumni campaign is top-notch. Learn more about Carnegie Digital Marketing.

Advancement Implementations in Slate

Data integration is perhaps the most impactful strategy for any advancement operation. We offer customized Slate Advancement implementations, which ensure full life-cycle data at your fingertips. From Learning Lab to go-live, implementation of a specific phase, or a total reimplementation, we can help! We manage and build sustainable giving instances, ensuring you are prepared to maintain and optimize your Slate efforts after implementation. Learn more about Carnegie’s Slate Implementations.

Advancement Portals

Impress all your alumni audience with a personalized experience in a dedicated portal. Not only are our portals designed by our award-winning creative team but they are built by our best-in-industry Slate developers. Combining flash and function, our dynamic portals drive engagement in each interaction, no matter the end user. Learn more about Carnegie’s Slate Portals offering.

Signature Creative for Alumni Audiences

Our creative work is original, compelling, and gorgeous. And above all, it’s powerfully, undeniably, you. It’s also what your alumni expect, especially in moments of critical importance like a comprehensive campaign reveal. By defining and understanding what sets you apart and by learning what will speak to the individual within your audiences, we create impactful, tailored messaging and segmented collateral that builds reputation and forges powerful connections that last. Learn more about Carnegie’s Creative capabilities.

“Acuity Darts has given us clear direction on how our donors prefer to be engaged. If you use the data, their giving and desires will go through the roof. This is finally the strategic approach to cultivating deeper relationships with donors. It brings more of a personal touch to the entire process and you can’t put a price on this. We now have the data to target the right people and know what they want.” Tahric Brown
President + CEO

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