Student Search

We've Reimagined
Student Search

Our Student Search is counter to the traditional high-cost, high-volume, low-conversion Student Search of the past. Your Student Search will be built on the student’s terms: when they are ready, where they want to connect, and with messaging that speaks directly to who they are as individuals. Your Student Search will save you time and money—while optimizing your enrollment—because you’ll leverage your Slate CRM, fully supported by our Slate experts. This Student Search is focused on recruiting to retain.

Student Search
  • We’ll help fill your pipeline with right-fit students, diversify your lead sources, and deploy an always-on strategy. Your purchasing recommendation will consider your entire enrollment and marketing ecosystem, and become a road map for how we strategically fill your pipeline.

  • An in-house Student Search empowers you to take ownership of your Student Search, while also providing the expert support you deserve. Your in-house Student Search will be seamless, optimized, fully-supported, and will deliver a return on investment you won't find anywhere else.

  • Marrying demographic and psychographic data, we create smart and strategic segmentation, primed for Student Search communications that generate human connection and lay the foundation for future retention efforts.

  • Your campaigns will be custom to you and responsive to your prospective students, meeting them where they are, when they’re most ready to connect. Your messaging will be personalized, speaking directly to who your prospective students are, and what motivates their decisions. You'll capture their attention. You'll stand apart.

  • We'll deliver the right message to the right student at precisely the right time. Your campaigns will be supported by the best team in the business, who will ensure your digital search is first-class. Fully integrated with our research, psychometric segmentation, and Slate reporting—your digital execution will be precise and effective.

  • This is data-driven decision making at its best. We identify who is most likely to apply, exactly what precise amount of aid an individual needs to enroll, and who needs intervention in order to retain. This is where your Student Search strategy becomes enrollment strategy, and you recruit to retain.


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