Yield Strategy for Student Search

We use data science to determine the precise amount of aid an individual student needs to enroll and pinpoint the students that might need early intervention to stay. These tools will strengthen your enrollment strategy by boosting your chances of being chosen, increasing net tuition revenue, and decreasing melt and first-year dropouts. These are the strategies that secure your class.

Financial Aid Strategy

Money matters. Financial Aid is your number one yield tactic, which is why it ought to be applied precisely. We deliver an Individualized Financial Aid Strategy—not only customized for your institution but customized for each student. A strategy built from the ground up, accounting for shifts in market forces and student behavior. It’s monitored by our experts, for in-cycle optimizations that lead to goal achievement. It’s a precise and personal aid strategy that will deliver enrollments, which is why it’s part of Carnegie’s Student Search.

Retention Modeling

Another opportunity to effect change with better data. Retention Modeling assigns a retention probability to each student in your admitted or enrolled class. With this data, you have the opportunity to apply interventions like additional aid, advising, or counseling services, which will increase your ability to retain at-risk students. Our team will help you use this rich data to focus resources on the students who need the most support, pre or post-enrollment. This tool is helpful for both increasing yield and retention.

Operational Audit

Lean on our team of strategists and specialists to align your institution with the changing landscape. Choose from a list of audits, such as communication flows, Slate CRM, visit programming, and more, to optimize your enrollment and marketing ecosystem to support a modern Student Search.

We support the full enrollment journey, aiding your enrollment aspirations by increasing engagement and conversions, and ultimately yielding your class.

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