Psychographic Segmentation for Student Search

Your audience expects more from your Student Search communications, and with advanced segmentation, you can deliver the personalized experience they are asking for. By combining prospective student demographic data and psychographic data—like personalities, motivations, and beliefs—we deliver custom audience segmentation and student profiles that ensure your Student Search campaigns will generate human connection and set you apart from the competition.

Institutional Student Profiles

Carnegie Darts for Student Search
Darts are advanced student profiles developed through a combination of in-person qualitative research and survey-based quantitative research. We use your enrollment data and collect new data from your prospective and current students, which allows us to draw connections between demographic and psychographic factors. These connections definitively reveal your institution’s unique enrollment segments and what attracts those students. The resulting audience segmentation analysis is a foundation for telling your institutional story in ways that best connect with your student segments to increase engagement, affinity, and Student Search conversion.


After we deliver your customized strategy, we tag your Student Search records with your Darts (student profiles), integrate Darts into your customer relationship management (CRM) system, and apply the insights to your Student Search communication flows, creative, digital campaigns, and reporting.

National Student Profiles

Carnegie Motivator for Student Search

This tool is a simple yet effective starter solution for advanced audience segmentation. Our system is built on three student personality Motivator profiles, developed through the Carnegie archetype model (also used in Darts) and national research rather than your custom data. Carnegie Motivator tags your Student Search database, giving each student record a Motivator profile that is then used to develop personalized communications and form deeper connections. This simple system is primed for Student Search, providing a turn-key solution for advanced segmentation.


Carnegie Motivator integrates with your CRM, communication flows, enrollment strategy, digital targeting, and much more.

Demographic Segmentation

If advanced segmentation is not a good option for your college or university, we also offer traditional audience segmentation and data modeling for Student Search. We’ll segment your audience using our proprietary database of 250 million people, then deliver custom data modeling, analysis, and demographic clustering of your specific enrollment data across hundreds of lifestyle variables, looking for and identifying significant audience groups. Demographic segmentation is an element we use to develop our advanced segmentation options. Alone, it is strategically applicable for basic audience segmentation for communication flows, digital targeting, and look-alike audience building.

Create Human Connection and stand apart from the competition.

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