Real-Time Performance Reporting

Carnegie wants to empower you to take control of your Student Search, by providing the data that you crave, real-time reporting, and expert analysis to make it all actionable. Whether data and reporting are in your Slate instance or a Carnegie-hosted Slate instance, dashboards are always available with digestible data visualization. Our reporting includes full-funnel, year-over-year reporting to real-time campaign performance. You have the freedom to slice the data on your own and the support from our analysts and strategists to bring you opportunities for optimization throughout the enrollment cycle and year-over-year.

Real-Time Performance Reporting

We provide the data you need to make strategic decisions in this cycle and the next. We offer campaign reporting for both email and digital advertising, keeping you up to date on performance based on your goals of awareness, conversion, and engagement. We also go beyond the standard Student Search metrics and can craft reports conveying return on investment, name-buy and source analysis, yield statistics, event registrations, goal tracking by territory, and so much more. You’ll have 24/7 access to satisfy all your curiosities and leadership requests.

Website Attribution

Your website is a big part of the Student Search, and it’s a source of rich behavioral data that can be activated to optimize your Student Search. Start tracking prospective students beginning with the first touchpoint. From paid campaigns to organic search, profile students as they journey from anonymous to known user, keeping track of their campaign interactions, website behaviors, areas of interest, and more. Solve the mystery of stealth applicants, uncover lost marketing attribution, and personalize the website experience for your prospective students using this data. It’s all possible with Carnegie Clarity™


Clarity tracks the behavior of anonymous and known users across devices starting at the first touch—giving you the power to engage stealth prospects like never before as well as full transparency into your Student Search performance. Clarity data can also be used to strengthen your EnGauge Apply Score.


All Clarity data is packaged for you in an easy to use dashboard, which will be monitored by our team.


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