Strategic Lead Sourcing for Student Search

Carnegie’s approach to lead sourcing is distinctive in two ways. For one, we adamantly believe that market research is essential to building the foundation of your Student Search, starting with your prospect sourcing. And two, we offer an always-on element to diversify your sources and strengthen your pipeline for short-term and long-term success. It’s student-centric and market-mindful, and, yes, it’s a different approach than you’ve seen in the past.

Lead Sourcing Strategy

Our Enrollment Strategy team will deliver a name-buy recommendation based on your enrollment data, market research, and channel analysis to ensure that your selections are precise and have the highest likelihood of conversion. Our channel analysis will drive a diversified sourcing strategy, agonistic of source.


Our philosophy is to identify and cultivate students with the greatest propensity to engage with your institution, moving away from the traditional high-volume, low-conversion Student Search of the past and toward a more student-centric model that drives real connections and optimizes your Student Search budget.


We use market viability analyses to align your institution’s goals and purchasing strategy. Using existing enrollment data and demographic evaluations of prospective markets, we will identify opportunities in new markets and uncover hidden potential in your backyard.


We run a multi-execution purchase strategy and support all CRM mapping and reporting.

Student Database Access

Deploy an always-on and diversified lead generation strategy with access to Carneige’s Lead Generation platform and student database, CollegeXpress. We offer highly customizable segmentation from gender and geography to academic interest and aptitude. Get in front of actively searching college-bound students with targeted email marketing and on-platform digital advertising.


CollegeXpress provides always-on brand reach and lead generation for high school freshmen through seniors and builds a strong pipeline for your enrollment year over year.

Lead Scoring

This is data-driven intelligence that maximizes your resources and results.


Carnegie’s Lead Scoring assigns a probability of application to each student in your prospect pool, using enrollment and demographic data points. Together, and with this information, we will make impactful strategic and budget-saving decisions to maximize your efforts. Lead scores can inform communication segmentation, recruitment plans, direct mail volumes, digital spending, and early yield interventions that will impact your enrollment goals. Lead Scoring helps you deploy your valuable resources where they will have the greatest impact. Lean on our team of consultants to deliver the data as well as the action plan.


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