Engagement Scoring for Student Search

Go a step beyond your competition with EnGauge Apply Score. The EnGauge Apply Score is a powerful combination of behavioral data, geodemographic information, and Carnegie proprietary metrics. It’s built in Slate (your instance or ours), making it the most agile model on the market—integrating geodemographic, Carnegie IP, and behavioral data in real time. EnGauge Apply Score is not the first engagement score to come to market, but we’re ready to show you that it’s the first score that truly works.

EnGauge Apply Score

EnGauge Apply Score tells you your prospect’s likelihood to apply, measured via geodemographic, behavioral/affinity data, and Carnegie IP metrics from Carnegie Student Search strategies like our student database, Clarity—the website attribution and personalization tool—and your student profiles. Your institutional knowledge will contribute to the composition of your custom score to drive the importance of each of the many factors that are a part of the score.


EnGauge Apply Score comes with consulting, which includes evaluating which variables your institutional score should include and then how to interpret the score once it’s live. We also provide training for your staff because these scores are most impactful when adopted widely and truly understood. And finally, you’ll have an EnGauge Dashboard, built in your Slate instance, which provides data visualization for outcomes reporting as well as filters for data manipulation to inform institutional decisions.


EnGauge Score supports your strategic decision-making and facilitates efficient use of your scarce resources. Here are just a few use cases:


  • Optimize decisions at the individual student level: Decide who should receive a limited mailer, staff phone call, or other appeal.
  • Inform counseling conversations by providing student interest level.
  • Optimize future name purchases by identifying the lowest propensity students and analyzing that cohort for commonalities.

Use the EAS to make strategic resource decisions and increase conversions throughout the recruitment cycle.


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