Dynamic Multichannel Campaigns for Student Search

A Carnegie Student Search meets students where they are—wherever they are—with industry-leading digital advertising, dynamic email campaigns, and a 360 approach that includes your most important marketing tool: your website. From strategy through execution our team will provide problem-solving ingenuity and an arsenal of Carnegie created best-practices and cutting-edge tactics to accomplish your Student Search goals and engage your students from prospect to enrolled student. We offer personality-driven digital and email marketing, a game-changing combination for Student Search. Benefiting from our research and psychometric segmentation offerings, our campaign execution is personalized, precise, and effective.

Digital Advertising

Because of digital advertising’s always-on nature, precision targeting, and relevancy to higher education audiences, it is a pillar of our Student Search, and it has been for years. We provide full-service, in-house support for your Student Search campaigns.


Lists-based Digital Advertising
IP Targeting and Snapchat offer list-based options for your Student Search that ensure you’re getting in front of your audience at precisely the right moment. From brand awareness to open house promotion to deposit deadline reminders, this is a targeted digital tactic made for Student Search.


Full Lifecycle Digital Advertising
With a full lifecycle digital execution, you will get in front of early aspirants and late bloomers, cultivate a first-source pipeline, and influence college choice moments. Colleges and universities must be ever-present to truly meet students where they are whenever they are ready. With digital advertising, this is possible.


By leveraging layered tactics like streaming, SEM, display, and social media your Student Search campaigns will:


  • Create awareness for your institution
  • Cultivate a first-source pipeline
  • Stay top of mind throughout their student journey
  • Generate action in milestone moments

Completely customizable to your institution’s goals our strategists will work with you to develop a 360 approach to Student Search, with digital advertising. Your campaigns will be supported by our experienced digital team, who will ensure your digital Student Search is first-class. Integrated with our market research, psychometric segmentation, personalized creative, and reporting, your digital execution will be personal, precise, and effective.

Slate Email Campaigns

Our Student Search communications team has a deep knowledge of both Slate best practices and Student Search strategy to maximize your engagement and conversions. We provide full-service, support for your Student Search email campaigns, from set-up to final optimization.


Slate Communications
Your Student Search email campaigns will be agile, optimized, and fully supported. We set up all campaigns and monitor engagement to draw prospective student insights and provide expert advice on how to optimize their journey toward enrollment. By leveraging available tools in Slate alongside exceptional copy and design from our award-winning creative team, we’ll help integrate your marketing and enrollment efforts for maximum impact.


You can count on us to do all the heavy lifting, such as list management and segmentation, attribution tracking, email workflow builds, performance reporting and analysis, and even Slate print management.


Your Instance or Ours?
Carnegie serves both Slate and non-Slate campuses for Student Search, powered by Technolutions Slate CRM.


  • In Your Slate Instance:
    An in-house Slate Student Search is a game-changer. This operational improvement maximizes your CRM investment and gives you ultimate control, full life cycle data and up-to-the-minute reporting in your instance! With the help of your Carnegie team of Slate and communications experts, we’ll execute every activity from setup to in-flight optimizations. Our Slate Optimization experts will support your transition of adopting a Carnegie-supported in-your-instance Student Search, making the transition seamless and the execution flawless. Your student records, communications, student personas, and even your print execution will all be smoothly integrated into your Slate instance.


  • Carnegie-hosted Slate Instance
    We understand that an in-your-instance Student Search solution might not fit every institution’s needs. That’s why Carnegie offers tailor-made, Carnegie-hosted instances powered by Technolutions Slate CRM. Experience the advantages of Slate, the #1 higher ed CRM, alongside the deep expertise of Carnegie’s Slate and communications experts. It’s a powerful combination that will maximize your Student Search and give you data transparency you won’t find elsewhere.


No student has ever enrolled without visiting your website. Ensuring your best marketing tool is set up with Student Search in mind just makes good sense. Fortunately, you have many options to maximize your site that don’t require the time and investment of a site redesign. Our talented team of web designers and developers will partner with you to find the right web solution for your institution.


Webpage Refresh
Ensure that your most critical student recruitment pages are tailored for your prospective students and optimized for conversions. Diversify your sourcing strategy by maximizing important recruitment pages like your homepage, financial aid, or academic pages—and turn your website into your best lead generator. This site upgrade can be implemented in four to six weeks to increase your Student Search engagement and conversions.


Website Personalization + Attribution
Your website is a big part of Student Search, so why not ensure it’s optimized to provide a personalized, conversion-driving experience? Start tracking prospective students beginning with the first touchpoint. From paid campaigns to organic search, profile students as they journey from anonymous to known user, keeping track of their campaign interactions, website behaviors, areas of interest, and more. Solve the mystery of stealth applicants, uncover lost marketing attribution, and personalize the website experience for your prospective students. It’s all possible with Carnegie Clarity™


Create a personalized web experience for your sophomore through senior prospects, in real-time, based on their area of interest and position in the enrollment ecosystem. No back-end support from your web team is required!


Clarity tracks the behavior of anonymous and known users across devices starting at the first touch—giving you the power to engage stealth prospects like never before as well as full transparency into your Student Search performance.

Personalized Creative

We translate your core narrative into head-turning visuals and imagination-capturing copy across all channels, resulting in a Student Search that will stand apart and create connection.A Carnegie Student Search integrates your institutional or national student profiles taking personalization a step further and personifying your communications. We develop psychographic-segmented Student Search campaigns for email, print, and digital advertising.


Your creative will inspire affinity, engagement, and action.


Your Student Search print collateral will be custom, data-driven, and unique to you. We’re experienced in developing search mailers, value and outcomes booklets, viewbooks, admissions and financial aid packets, postcards, academic letters, and more.


Digital Advertising
Our digital campaign themes differentiate your ad creative to tell a more unique and powerful story. A compelling visual and verbal style and narrative elevate your digital presence across websites and channels, motivating audiences to take the next step.


Email Copy + Templates
The key to a successful Student Search campaign is multiple touchpoints that excite, engage, and compel students to take action. Our email copy highlights your most compelling differentiators, tailored and segmented to speak to audience needs and interests at key points in their journey. We’ll build beautiful, on-brand email templates for your Student Search that capture attention and encourage action.

Drive engagement with dynamic and agile Student Search campaigns.

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