Personality Assessments

We are frontrunners in researching and utilizing human connection to create healthier relationships and better outcomes for individuals and teams. CarnegieChem, our carefully designed suite of personality assessments and tools, reveals human personality and performance factors in an entirely new way.
Designed by experts in human performance and psychology and built from Carnegie’s core psychometric model, these assessments identify the core motivations behind your behavior, revealing your authentic self and core values. Not only do the assessments reveal a better understanding of self for each participant, but focused training modules unpack how to propel this self-awareness into better outcomes—for individuals, for team dynamics, and for leaders.


Achieve Better Student Outcomes. If you’ve already focused your enrollment strategies through next-level audience segmentation, refined brand expression, seamless Slate execution, and targeted digital marketing, you’ve likely secured your optimal enrollment numbers. As you’re well aware, recruitment doesn’t end with a deposit payment. Recruitment continues all year, every year, through graduation. Carnegie offers personality assessment tools to optimize student outcomes and retain enrollments.


ClassChem is a personality assessment tool built for students and optimized for institutions through your Slate instance. Designed to provide staff, faculty, and students with personality and human performance intel on each student, ClassChem is changing the way higher education optimizes student retention. With activation modules ranging from orientation to student success coaching, academic advising to career development services, ClassChem is positioned to bring depth and focus to your retention strategies.


Realize the Power of Your Team’s Differences. TeamChem™ offers a distinctive approach to personality diagnostics and interpersonal dynamics. In this iteration of our motivation-based personality test, we celebrate the strength of our differences.


TeamChem™ was founded on the premise that a team of people is healthiest, strongest, and most effective when its members offer differing or divergent qualities and characteristics.

  • For individuals, TeamChem™ increases the understanding of oneself, one’s dominant personality characteristics, traits, faults, and the intensity of one’s comfort with and inclination towards 14 core factors of human performance. It also provides a dashboard that includes access to team members’ results and aggregate data about the team as a whole.
  • For teams, TeamChem™ creates transparency, initiates productive group dialogue, and provides a toolkit for effective communication.
  • For leaders, TeamChem™ empowers you to objectively evaluate group members’ strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and desires, and to utilize these insights to position your group for greater success.

Discover your personality, your team’s core values, what makes your team members tick, how to collaborate more effectively, and where opportunity or risk might exist in your organization.


Maximize Retention

Whether building long-term, deeply rooted connections with students or creating empowering and productive relationships with employees, Carnegie’s personality assessments can impact your culture and help retain students and staff.


Carnegie currently offers online tools as well as in-person activation modules with groups. Reach out today to learn how our personality assessments can boost the power of your efforts.

Harness the power of personality.

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