Audience Segmentation

Carnegie’s proprietary audience segmentation and targeting tools recognize that students engage with and respond to tailored communication that appeals to their personalities and motivations. By combining prospective student demographic factors (key descriptive variables) and psychographic data (personalities, motivations, beliefs), we provide dynamic and custom audience segmentation and profiling that ensures your enrollment and marketing efforts stand apart from the competition. We go beyond one-size-fits-all or generic demographic-only student groupings so you know who you are speaking to and what motivates them. Create a human connection that drives not only affinity, but the ultimate commodity: attention. No one does segmentation like Carnegie.

Psychographic Darts

Psychographic Darts are segmentation profiles developed through a combination of in-person qualitative research and survey-based quantitative research. We use your data and your prospective and current students to identify correlations between demographic and psychographic factors that definitively reveal your institution’s unique enrollment segments and what attracts them. The resulting audience segmentation analysis is a foundation for telling your institutional story in ways that best connect with your Dart segments to increase engagement, affinity, and conversion. After we deliver your customized strategy, we can tag your prospective student data with the Darts and demographics at regular intervals to integrate Darts into your customer relationship management (CRM), communication flows, and reporting.

Carnegie Motivator

For colleges and universities that are interested in segmented, personality-driven communications but aren’t ready to implement customized Psychographic Darts, Carnegie offers Motivator—a simple yet effective starter solution. The Carnegie Motivator is the result of years of national research rooted in the Carnegie archetype research model, the identification of natural archetype groupings, and the desire to make personality-driven communications more accessible to each of our partners. The Carnegie Motivator system is built on three student personality Motivator profiles. During a monthly tagging process, each student record is assigned a single Motivator by which personalized communications can be developed and deeper connections can be made. This simple outcome is primed for communication segmentation, enrollment strategy, digital targeting, Slate integration, and much more.

Demographic Segmentation

Segment your audience using Carnegie’s proprietary database of 250 million people. We deliver custom data modeling, analysis, and demographic clustering of your specific enrollment data across hundreds of lifestyle variables, looking for and identifying significant audience groups. While this is an element of developing a Dart segment, this demographic clustering alone is strategically applicable for basic audience segmentation, digital targeting, and lookalike audience building.

Today, intelligent enrollment is about understanding your prospects in a deeper and more personal way, and measuring and marketing to their unique motivations and behaviors.

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