Strategic Enrollment Consultation

Carnegie enrollment strategists take a deep dive into your critical enrollment activities to develop customized, integrated strategies that lead to optimal enrollment outcomes. We’ll walk alongside your enrollment leaders to provide a summary assessment, actionable insights, and recommendations for an adaptive plan– and then partner with you as you bring your personalized enrollment ecosystem to life.

Strategic Enrollment Management Planning

A comprehensive, written Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan is a critical guide for enrollment and institutional leaders. Carnegie can partner with you to create your next SEM plan. Through a series of planning meetings, typically held over the course of two days, we dive deeply into understanding the goals, opportunities, and specific challenges–both internal and external– facing strategic enrollment management. Together we explore the priority topics of your choice, gain an understanding of the landscape within which the SEM plan will operate, and identify critical findings and recommendations. Then, we write your Strategic Enrollment Management plan and guide you through implementation through a combination of meetings and consulting hours.

Enrollment Consulting

Carnegie strategists can serve as an extension of your enrollment leadership, partnering with you on bi-weekly connects to evaluate current strategies and practices throughout your ecosystem and strategic enrollment activities. Together, we examine revenue and matriculant goals, discover regional trends creating opportunities and challenges, consider staffing and resourcing, and evaluate cross-divisional execution of enrollment-based institutional outreach. We’ll develop, review, and implement tactical enrollment strategy, and move strategic deliverables (Personality, Darts, Creative) into action. The collaborative process allows for cross-divisional implementation that aligns with best practices and sets the stage for successful enrollment outcomes.

Search Planning + Strategy

It’s time to redefine how search is done. A Carnegie Student Search is counter to the traditional high-cost, high volume, low-conversion Student Search of the past. Your Student Search will be built on the student’s terms: when they are ready, where they want to connect, and with messaging that speaks directly to who they are as individuals.


We will review your existing search-purchase metrics and conversion data– including geographies, academic bands, and other key variables–to inform your Student Search name purchases. We incorporate Research services, and advanced Audience Segmentation to further build your strategy. Our Student Search execution will include a Slate Student Search via your CRM and your activation will include Enrollment Communication support, elevated Signature Creative and industry leading Digital Marketing. A Carnegie Student Search leverages a powerhouse suite of services to maximize your enrollment.

Visit Experience Analysis

The importance of your prospective students’ and families’ experience when visiting campus cannot be overstated. Carnegie can conduct an experiential assessment of this most critical recruitment and/or yield experience. Our enrollment team will evaluate the entire experience—from pre- and post-communications, to arrival and campus navigation, to presentations, tours, informal communications, and survey instruments—and will provide a comprehensive report built on best practices and, if applicable, personality metrics.

"Carnegie has truly been a partner in our enrollment growth. Their collaborative approach has allowed us to remain relevant and front of mind to our prospective students at the right time during their enrollment journey. We appreciate their openness, feedback, and expertise in this critical space. The Carnegie team has been great to work with, and I always appreciate their responsiveness and positive attitude as we continue to engage with our prospective students." STEVE QUINN
Vice President, Enrollment Management + Communications
Caldwell University

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