Enrollment Communications

Your enrollment communications are critical. We know it. Carnegie’s innovative team of enrollment strategists will uplift your messaging with the customized communication flows, best-practice marketing plans, and renowned storytelling you need to make a lasting connection with prospective students. From our in-depth flow analyses to our renowned creative design, Carnegie is the partner you need to revitalize your enrollment ecosystem.

Enrollment Operations + Communications Flow Analysis

We could never overstate the importance of strategic communications at all phases of your enrollment ecosystem. Developing an intimate understanding of your goals, systems, operations, and communication flows positions us to evaluate how cohesively these elements work together for the outcomes you covet. Carnegie’s strategists have been in your shoes and have the higher education experience and know-how to provide the best-practices blueprint required to meet your immediate and long-term enrollment goals.

Communications Flow Strategy + Visual Construct

Before execution comes communications strategy. We are experts at developing communication flows for any stage of the ecosystem that leverage your creative assets, create meaningful segmentation, work seamlessly with enrollment and institutional marketing plans, construct a continuum of storytelling that builds affinity, and ultimately call your audiences to action. Whether a functional spreadsheet for ease of customer relationship management (CRM) implementation or a visual detailing of the plan, you will have what you need to take your comm flows to the next level.

Enrollment Marketing Plans

A detailed marketing plan in support of enrollment goals and activities is more important than ever. Whether we’re collaborating with enrollment and marketing teams that work effectively together or building a bridge between the two groups, Carnegie strategists will design a comprehensive marketing plan focused on enrollment and aligned with your college or university’s goals.

Student Search Communications

Carnegie’s Student Search is redefining how Search is done. Paired perfectly with your Enrollment Consultation and Student Search Planning, our Student Search Communication services makes sure you are supported in the development of authentic, attention getting communications. We’ll design responsive campaigns for sophomore/junior and senior search, along with inquiry, application generation, and yield campaigns — whatever you need. We’re here to help write the content, set-up the responsive flow, and if you’re ready for it, execute it all through your CRM for a truly revolutionary Student Search.

Enrollment Creative

Carnegie’s Signature Creative team can deliver your most compelling storytelling assets as well as everything you need for your communications flow. Our expert team of writers, designers, photographers, and videographers can execute on all enrollment creative needs.

We craft communications that generate meaningful connection.

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