Website Design + Development

Build A Website That Reflects Who You Are

It’s not enough to have a good website. You need to connect your story to your audiences’ hopes, dreams, and values. We design websites for colleges and universities that are alive and persuasive—congruent with campus voices and integrated within your marketing ecosystem. A partnership with Carnegie ensures your story and brand strategy are at the forefront of your website redesign and guiding every decision made—from kick-off through launch.

Website Design + Development
  • Our designers are fearlessly creative. We work as a team to develop creative feature ideas, preliminary navigation sets, and page layouts for your new .edu. We will review and collaborate with you to ensure a shared vision for the project. Your new college or university website will be beautiful, flexible, modular—and it will get results.

  • Generic content. Information that’s hard to find. Broken links. Sound familiar? Your institution serves myriad audiences—prospective and current students, faculty, staff, donors, community partners—and they all need to find relevant information quickly and easily. With our user-centric approach to content strategy and information architecture, you will have compelling content with the right message, organized for people.

  • Our approach starts with empathy—understanding the hearts and heads of the people we are trying to reach. We blend both qualitative and quantitative data through stakeholder interviews, existing research, and current site analytics. With this research, we can make well-informed decisions about content, asset planning, information architecture, and design to create a meaningful, immersive, data-driven website.

  • Our technology expertise is as developed as our creative skills. We’ve launched hundreds of sites on dozens of platforms and approach our front-end development with care and craft. We have the skills and expertise necessary to partner with on-campus IT teams—bridging gaps and making it easier to accomplish goals.

  • About 70% of students use search engines to research schools and degree programs. That's why it's critical to create the content students are looking for and to optimize your website and social media for search. We use online tools like Google Business Profile Optimization and processes like SEO. We optimize your social media posts and website design to drive traffic to your pages. With Carnegie's strategies, you'll have results for every step of the enrollment funnel.

“We had a static, aging legacy website that was probably the worst example you could have for a creative, vibrant, dynamic, ever-changing university. The site Carnegie's Web Team (mStoner) built is an excellent example of just the opposite: it went through a dramatic change from being a relic to being a model of best practice.” WARD CALDWELL
Vice Provost,
University of North Carolina School of the Arts

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