Search Engine Optimization

Carnegie’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies redefine what SEO means in the higher-education space, expertly combining technical prowess and a deep understanding of human psychology to create impactful connections with prospective students.

Technical Site Audit + Analysis

Carnegie’s thoughtful, comprehensive site analysis empowers you to enhance your website and improve your SEO performance. A series of personalized consultations provides insight into issues like 404 errors, duplicate and low-quality content, user experience, page speed, and image optimization, while exemplifying SEO best practices.

Web Copywriting + Optimization

Our SEO team combines industry insight and in-depth research to create content with the power to rank organically. Answer your prospective students’ keyword inquiries with informative and compelling content that addresses their questions, offers solutions, and creates connections.

Academic Content Optimization

Carnegie’s advanced research techniques assess your content’s performance, identify optimization opportunities, and incorporate high-volume, relevant keyword searches. In optimizing your academic program pages for organic search, we create a positive user experience that entices prospects to further explore your institution.

Blog Content Development + Thought Leadership

What questions are your prospective students asking? Carnegie’s SEO experts help your college or university create exceptional, relevant content by researching the keywords that reflect their concerns and by establishing a relationship of authenticity and trust with your audience.

Content Audits

Your team wants to change or restructure your content to improve performance, but you don’t know where to begin. Carnegie’s Content Audits fuse content best practices with technical SEO to identify areas needing improvement. Our team will steer you toward success with insightful recommendations regarding your on-page content, including page structure and header tags, as well as backend metadata and navigation elements.

Virtual SEO Writing Workshops

Through a single in-depth, hands-on workshop, Carnegie’s experts share our excitement about the power of SEO and transfer our wealth of knowledge to your institution. We provide the tools required to deploy SEO web content tactics across the board, including in your admissions pages, academic pages, news stories, blog posts, and more.

Competitive Audits

You understand who your competitors are regionally, but who are your search-engine contenders? Carnegie’s Competitive Audits identify your rank-pulling competitors locally and nationally and the SEO tactics they employ. We’ll inspire you with content and technical strategies that boost your college or university’s visibility and organic traffic.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Using proven visibility tactics, we harness the power of the local search pack to position your college or university at the top of organic search results—and your prospective students’ minds. The result? Your institution gains a prominent visual asset that highlights your excellence and attracts qualified prospects. 

YouTube Optimization

With YouTube being the second largest search engine after Google, when it comes to video optimization, your content needs to be on YouTube. Carnegie optimizes several components of your YouTube account and individual videos to transform your organic presence. Convey your college or university’s authority, respond to prospective students’ search habits, and improve your performance. 

Website Redesign + Template Consulting

SEO is integral to a website redesign or refresh. Our experts guide you through every stage, addressing redirect plans, content coding, URLs, navigation assessment, user journey mapping, and more to ensure everything is optimized for search. By the end, your new website is clean, thoughtful, and ready to inspire. Does your institution need a partner to design or develop a new website as well? Learn more about how Carnegie’s website redesign and development services.

ADA Compliance Consulting

When your website lacks accessibility features, you run the risk of losing prospective students by not complying with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. Through a series of in-depth screenshares, we work with your team to ensure your site is built to create community with each and every visitor. 

Program Name Analysis

When deciding to launch a new program, you want to be sure that its name matches market expectations—and prospects’ keyword searches. Carnegie performs in-depth research to see what specific language prospective students are using and recommends the best names based on search trends and your goals for the program.

With Carnegie as your partner, your college or university can build an SEO strategy that authentically enthralls your audience through impactful content and an intuitive user experience meant to direct prospects’ exploration through the enrollment funnel.

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