Website Content Strategy

You have only five seconds to captivate your audience, and we know how to make the best use of that time. Through high-impact visual and written content, we craft a narrative that shines a bright light on the benefits that only you offer and we describe them in a voice that is carefully tuned to your audience’s ears. Your visitors will feel as familiar with you as if they had visited you in person.

Editorial Strategy + Content Planning

Creating amazing content requires planning. What content do you need? Who is it for? How can your content move people to action? We will partner with you to make sure you have a smart, strategic, sustainable, and effective content strategy. Because time spent planning for content is time well spent.

Digital Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication in the world. Stories affect us neurologically and psychologically—helping us to solve problems, experience pleasure, provide pattern and order, and assimilate into society. So it’s no surprise that storytelling also plays a significant role in helping institutions of higher education to reveal and build their brand.
Through digital storytelling production and workshop training, we will help your institution tell its story better and extend the reach and impact of communications that you already produce.

Information Architecture

The way you organize, label, sequence, and group elements on your site—from the smallest files and paragraphs to pages and entire microsites—all of it is managed through information architecture. The better your site IA, the easier it is for visitors to find information and engage with your institution.

Content Development + Copywriting

Every word on your website should help tell your institution’s story. Your brand story needs to shine through from every academic program page to every student profile. Our team of wordsmiths will tell your story to your various audiences across your institution’s touchpoints. We offer writing services and content production for your website, blogs, email communications and social media. 

Web Photo + Video

To showcase your institution, your website must make the visitor feel as if they are a part of the campus experience. Images of people living, studying, and interacting on your campus will help tell that story. We provide creative direction for photography and video production to help you create compelling, dynamic videos and images that capture the spirit of your institution. We also offer custom photo and video packages to make your storytelling unforgettable.

Web Writing Workshops

With all that’s going on at your institution, there are so many stories to tell and successes to highlight. To help you tell those stories, we provide Writing for the Web Workshops to help people at your institution create exciting and meaningful content. We will teach you the best practices for writing for the web, as well as the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’ll also talk about accessibility and share extra tips to take your writing to the next level.

Content Operations

In order to create content, you need three things: people, process, and technology. We will help you create a content operations system that will ensure that you have the people, workflow, and structure you need to maintain and update content on your website.

Communications + Web Governance

Who’s in charge of your website? What resources does it need? Part of maintaining a robust website means having good governance. A good governance plan takes into account resources, processes, standards and guidelines, policies, and training—things that keep your website fresh and inviting. Through communications integration and web governance, we will help your institution establish clear policies to make sure your website continues to grow and evolve with your institution.

You have only five seconds to captivate your audience. Make them count.

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