Google Analytics

Eliminate the guesswork and derive actionable insights from complex data. Collaborate with us to discover how Google Analytics consulting can impact your enrollment efforts and transform your recruitment strategy.

Analytics Assessment

Transforming your marketing begins with a clear view of the data. Our Analytics Assessment ensures your Google Analytics property is set up according to your goals and optimized to capture the digital results of every marketing channel– from your paid advertisements to your organic efforts.

Analytics Consulting

Go deeper into your Google Analytics data to set goals, track events, draw actionable insights, and monitor the performance of your media spending. Our experts serve as an extension of your team, leveraging their comprehensive understanding of the platform to empower your marketing efforts.

Brand Lift Analysis

How well do prospective students know your college or university’s brand? If they’re familiar, what’s their perception? Numbers only present one story, and our brand lift analysis completes it by examining how consumers interact with, understand, and regard your school within your targeted markets and in relation to your competitors.

Heat Mapping

Website user experience can hinder or encourage a prospect’s journey. In what ways are curious individuals exploring or requesting additional information from your site? Heat Mapping visualizes these interactions, illustrating where users click, what they’re searching for, and if they’re finding the information they need.

Google Looker Studio Dashboards

Our customizable Google Looker Studio Dashboards provide a snapshot of your marketing data, highlighting key metrics and displaying return on investment (ROI) at a glance—reimagining the way results are reported to key stakeholders. Our dashboards help you visualize data on a human level, making your successes clear and crystallizing opportunities for improvement.

Workshops + Training

We empower you to analyze your own data. Focusing on your marketing team’s and stakeholders’ objectives, our experts conduct a half-day, comprehensive, hands-on workshop on campus or virtually with a single purpose: to develop your skills in the platform and help you pull exceptional insights across all marketing channels.

Through Carnegie’s Google Analytics guidance, discover more about your prospects’ journeys and accurately assess paid, organic, social media, and referral traffic sources.

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