Social Media Marketing

Authentically connect with your audience in an increasingly crowded market. Carnegie fearlessly crafts new and unexpected social media advertising strategies across all channels.


Facebook offers the unmatched ability to target audiences across the entire enrollment spectrum— from undergraduates and transfers, to graduate students and parents. At Carnegie, we leverage precise, hyper-targeted strategies to raise brand awareness, to drive inquiries and applications, and to put your message out ahead.


Instagram’s visually rich and inherently interactive platform cuts through the noise. We build on your existing student list or curate entirely new audiences with advanced targeting that increases brand awareness and drives inquiries. Reach qualified prospects and convert untapped audiences into enrollments.


Attention spans are short. Our Snapchat campaigns deliver relevant messaging that’s on point and on persona. Position your institution in front of undergraduates and their families to ignite interest and spark conversations.


LinkedIn’s power lies within its highly active audiences and its unmatched ability to recruit graduate and adult professional students. We segment and parse out by job title and education level to deliver Sponsored Content, Text Ads, and Sponsored InMail campaigns, establishing relationships with prospects that lead to exceptional recruitments.


Twitter is the only social media platform that allows Keyword Targeting within campaigns, paving the way for hyper-specific tactics that connect you with prospective students at exactly the right moment. Building off precise lists, we craft highly relevant Retargeting campaigns that attract audiences with on-topic, inspiring messaging.


As the leading short-video platform, TikTok is already captivating undergraduate prospects through its highly magnetic, informative, and interactive content. We harness this engagement to deliver your ads via your own list, through Lookalike Targeting, or by Retargeting an attentive audience familiar with your institution.


The world’s largest conversations are happening on Reddit, home to over 130,000 communities. Through Promoted Posts, imaging, and video advertisements, we can help you inspire prospective students based on location, interests, community, devices, and time of day.


Target undergraduate prospects through Twitch, a streaming platform increasingly known for magnetic engagement and real-time interactivity among users. Our enterprising social media marketing methods connect you with new audiences to increase enrollment.

Carnegie’s enterprising social media marketing strategies transform targeted engagement into enrollment.

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