Clarity Powered by Slate

Clarity powered by Slate is a cutting-edge marketing attribution tool designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Slate instance. This powerful solution provides deep insights into enrollment data, allowing your institution to make informed, data-driven decisions. By leveraging your Slate CRM instance, Clarity powered by Slate enhances your ability to track and analyze student behavior without the need for additional technology. Discover how your marketing efforts impact enrollment and gain a comprehensive understanding of your prospects’ actions and preferences with Clarity powered by Slate.

Built Into Slate

Designed to work within your existing Slate instance and Ping script, Clarity powered by Slate requires no additional technology or third-party scripts. This seamless integration builds upon the infrastructure you already have, enhancing it with data collection and analysis capabilities. By leveraging Slate, the most trusted and widely used CRM in higher education, Clarity powered by Slate provides a familiar and reliable solution for your data needs.

Data Transparency

Gain a comprehensive view of your enrollment and marketing data through our Looker Studio Dashboard. This feature provides detailed visualizations of key data points without requiring direct access to Slate. The dashboard allows stakeholders to filter and analyze data in real time, offering clear insights into behavior trends and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns broken out by student type, program, and enrollment outcomes. This external dashboard ensures that everyone, from marketing teams to institutional leaders, can access and interpret critical data effortlessly.

Behavioral Data

Clarity powered by Slate leverages the existing Ping data within your Slate system to track website interactions and student behavior. By transforming this data into actionable insights it allows you to better understand the interests and engagement patterns of your prospects.
All of your data is collected, transformed, and stored within Slate, enabling admissions teams, Slate administrators, and communication teams to quickly and confidently access these new data points. For those outside Slate, key insights are exported in aggregate, allowing marketing teams and other stakeholders to easily access and analyze data via the Looker Studio.

Attribution Reporting

Clarity powered by Slate offers comprehensive attribution reporting, allowing you to see the direct impact of your marketing initiatives on enrollment outcomes. By eliminating first-touch and last-touch bias, our reporting tools help you understand which tactics and sources drive growth, from list buys to digital ads to email campaigns. This insight is crucial for optimizing your marketing spend and strategies, ensuring that you focus on the efforts that yield the best results.

Ongoing Support

Carnegie’s team of experts provides ongoing support to help you interpret your data and refine your marketing strategies. With regular consultations, our team aids in deriving actionable insights from the Clarity powered by Slate dashboard. This continuous support ensures that your institution can make informed, data-driven decisions, improving both marketing outcomes and enrollment strategies over time.

Carnegie Clarity™ transforms complex insights about your prospects into customized experiences meant to influence their path along the enrollment funnel.

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