The University of North Texas Case Study

The University of North Texas Case Study

The Challenge.

The Online division of the University of North Texas needed a digital marketing partner to achieve its enrollment goals for several key programs. Having reached an understanding of its authentic personality through Carnegie's consensus-driven approach, UNT needed to apply its University brand and drive awareness and enrollment growth for the following priority graduate programs: Education, Analytics, Business, Hospitality, and Merchandising.


The University of North Texas Case Study

The Strategy.

Carnegie’s Digital team implemented tactics including paid search, Display Outreach and Retargeting, Spotify, LinkedIn InMail, and lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We customized digital messaging with the University’s caring, creative, and hardworking personality traits identified in the University-wide reputation strategy engagement as both authentic to UNT and unique in the University’s market. And we continually optimized strategies based on performance, emphasizing various UNT personality traits based on results and audience engagement.

Personality Definition
Competitive Audit
External Perception Research
Display Outreach & Retargeting
The University of North Texas Case Study

The Results.

UNT Online’s strategies drove impressive results both in terms of digital KPIs and enrollment outcomes. Campaigns generated consistent month-over-month growth, totaling more than 14 million impressions, 56,000 clicks, and 3,000 conversions. UNT also saw growth in awareness in just one year, with Carnegie’s campaigns generating more than 36,000 page views to UNT’s site and an overall increase of more than 110% in social media followers. In 2020, UNT generated more than 950 applications across the programs we promote—a 74% year-over-year increase. Further, there were more than 660 total accepted applications—an 87% increase year over year. Bolstered by Carnegie’s suite of innovative marketing strategies, UNT saw a 20% increase in overall graduate enrollment for fall 2020.


Year-over-year applicant increase for the programs we promote


Year-over-year accepted student increase for the programs we promote


Increase in UNT’s overall graduate enrollment

“Carnegie had already walked in our University’s shoes through our brand engagement. It made sense to entrust our program-level digital strategy to a partner who already understood our goals and who we are as an institution.” KAREN BOLLINGER
AVP for Digital Growth, UNT Division of Digital Strategy and Innovation
University of North Texas

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