Website User Research

Any experience worth its salt starts with trust—and we want your audience to trust you. That’s why we start with a clear, data-driven understanding of the people your website serves today and the people you want to reach. We supply you with the most up-to-date research (including our own) to help you feel secure in the decisions you make. We will arm you with best practices and tested strategies to serve your audience well, gain traction with your stakeholders, build trust in all levels of your organization, and hit your greater goals.


In order to showcase your institution, we need to know one story inside and out—yours. That’s why we become subject matter experts on you and your organization. We dig deep to find what makes your institution unique—strengths, history, culture, and people. Our discovery process helps us highlight what makes you distinctive and brings your institution to life.

Experience + Journey Mapping

Right now, great user experience is a competitive advantage; in a few years, it will be table stakes. By identifying and documenting the interactions your audience has with your institution, you’ll be able to visualize their current experience and design a better one. We’ll work together to identify the information that is most important to your visitors at different points in time.

Web Persona Development

Properly crafted, web personas create actionable empathy for the people that we’re trying to serve. Together, we will identify who your audience is, document their thoughts and feelings, and identify their needs. These efforts will set the foundation for our web strategy and lead to useful solutions for your audience.

Design Sprints + Workshops

We conduct Google-inspired design sprint workshops with our higher ed clients to bring out the best in our design and content strategy work. When we join forces as one team to learn, generate ideas, and make, we build trust in one another and develop a shared vision for goals we’re trying to achieve.

Analytics + Measurement

How can you tell if your website is attracting and keeping customers? Look at the data. We can help you revisit (or create) your analytics implementation. We’ll help you think about analytics architecture and prepare for healthy data collection. Together, we’ll consider goals tied to institutional objectives that you can set to measure the success of your website. We’ll make sure you are tracking the things that matter, using the latest tools available. Finally, we’ll create a plan to continuously improve and refine your website.

User/Usability Testing

The best way to know if your website is effective is to get feedback from your audience. During the redesign process, our creative team sits down with real people (virtually or in-person) to see how they use the website. Through this process, we can better understand what we can improve and what’s working well.

Cool, calm (and a tiny bit sassy)—the confidence that comes from knowing your ideas are backed up by data. We supply it.

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