Slate Enrollment Operations

We bring a deep understanding of Slate and of best-practice solutions for in-house Student Search strategy, inquiry conversion, application generation, and territory management. We set up and monitor all campaigns to understand prospective student tendencies and to provide expert advice on how to optimize their journey toward enrollment. By leveraging available tools in Slate, you’ll integrate your marketing and enrollment efforts for maximum impact.

Slate Student Search

A central pillar of our Carnegie Student Search is an in-house execution with Slate. Our Slate team will support your transition to an in-house Student Search, helping you set up long-lasting operational infrastructure. Take back control with Slate Reporting, Campaigns, Territory Management, Ping, and more– ensuring enrollment success, year after year. You’ll save your budget and outperform past searches.


Slate Campaigns

Control is key. With Slate Campaigns, you’re capitalizing on the power of Slate—from the responsive, behavior-driven content to the optimizations informed by customized Slate reports. We’ll support your application, yield, anti-melt, and visit and segment specific communications, taking care of all of the ins and outs of a complete set up. Backed by years of admissions and marketing know-how, we have unparalleled knowledge of both Slate functionality and the enrollment marketing tactics that will set you up for campaign success—from drip campaigns and UTM placement, to web integration and more.

Slate Reporting

Uncover the data you need to make strategic decisions through Slate Reporting. Going beyond the standard metrics, our team will craft reports to measure return on investment (ROI), name-buy analysis, yield-through-retention statistics, year-to-date event registrations, goal tracking by territory, and so much more. And because the data lives in your instance, you have 24/7 access to satisfy all of your curiosities and leadership requests.


Territory Management

Use Territory Management and Slate’s Voyager tool to research and plan recruitment travel, to promote college fairs and high school visits, to track visit results and student inquiries, and to align travel with Search purchases for better market coverage. Leverage surveys to increase student engagement, and lean on our team for analysis and incorporation into future territory-specific Slate Campaigns. Our team will assist with set up and staff training so you can fully utilize this powerful Slate tool. 

Slate Campaign Enhancements

Tap our team for strategy and integration of Slate communication channels like SMS messaging, Voice, and Slate Print for omni-channel execution.

"The Underscore team provides a unique perspective in our recruitment cycle in that they have many years of first-hand experience in actually recruiting students and building strong relationships with families. They work side-by-side with us as partners for us to reach our goals. These are talented enrollment specialists who use the tools at hand - in our case, Slate - to maximize effectiveness and personalization in our recruitment efforts. " DANNY GREEN
Vice President, Enrollment Management
York College of Pennsylvania

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