Student Success Modeling

What factors have the greatest impact on persistence or attrition at your institution? Is it academic achievement, geo-demographics, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, financial aid or a combination of factors? Every school is different—we uncover the distinctive factors impacting retention at your institution and build a strategy that leverages that data for student success. Student success leads to institutional success and vice versa. Everyone wins when student success is a key part of your financial aid strategy.

Minimize Melt

Identify enrolled students who are at risk for attrition and evaluate this same potential in your admitted pool. Our modeling helps you understand which students are predicted to be converted into enrolled students as well as remain as enrolled students.

Secure Net Deposits

Our yield models focus on securing net deposits, not just gross deposits. We are interested in building a strong strategy for not only year one enrollments, but year two persistence. Our models demonstrate first to second year budget impact—another way we assist you in choosing the best strategy for your institution—a strategy that looks beyond year one.

Maximize Student Success

You know that recruiting students who persist beyond year one leads to a multitude of positive, long-term outcomes for both your institution and your student body. Building an aid strategy that includes student success maximizes everyone’s potential.

On-going Monitoring

Our approach to financial aid strategy is to build custom models from the ground up, accounting for shifts in market forces and student behaviors which change year-over-year. Our models are agile and monitored by our experts for in-cycle optimization—a stand out difference between our delivery and other financial aid leveraging offerings.

“Santa Clara University has been collaborating with Maguire Associates for over 15 years. I continued the relationship upon my arrival at Santa Clara in 2009 and they have been critical to our success this past decade. Their data analysis and predictive modeling help us plan our segmented admission targets with plenty of back-and-forth adjustments. The financial aid office, through the Maguire process, is able to get our aid awards posted within two days after the admission decisions are released. That, in turn, allows them to focus more time working with students and families.” MIKE SEXTON
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Santa Clara University

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