Custom Research

Carnegie’s higher education research philosophies and cutting-edge approach prepare us to expertly answer any question you or your data might raise. Our proven methodologies are adaptable and dynamically evolving, providing your college or university with custom research services tailored specifically to your goals.

Fully Customized Research Plan + Evaluation

If you have a research question and don’t know where to begin, Carnegie has the confidence and innovative mindset to help. Custom research in marketing means every step of the process can be tailored to optimize results for actionable insights, from selecting a research methodology to an analytical approach. Take advantage of our personality-theory platform and more than 12 methods of customized market research to gather data that will impress and empower.

Survey Review + Consultation

Survey design seems simple, but every word, question order, and presentation can have unintended consequences. Our Survey Review and Consultation will offer key insights into how your survey was constructed, the wording and terminology used, and the survey logic needed to improve data outcomes and to allow audiences to be both accurate and honest– the hallmarks of exceptional research. We also offer the ability to host surveys or to sample varied audiences to match your needs.

Raw Data + Modeling

Even a successful survey can turn into a headache without proper data cleaning and analysis. Carnegie can transform your data into action with analysis and modeling custom to your dataset. We’ll work with you to create a data dictionary that allows us to explore and analyze data using advanced statistical constructs such as regression, factor analysis, growth curve modeling, and more. We’ll even offer data visualization suggestions that turn your numbers into inspirational education.

"Carnegie has used an individualized approach and taken great care to pursue data that is specific to Samford. Their interest in our institution has provided an authentic and unique message that has contributed to our enrollment growth." Jason Black
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management + Dean of Admission
Samford University

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