Awareness + Perception Research

Knowing where your institution stands according to your dominant markets offers solutions for competitive positioning, digital strategies, and telling a clearer story while often uncovering a unique value proposition. Learn more about what Carnegie can do to measure your institution’s perception.

External Brand Perception Research

Focused, quantitative brand perception studies identify precisely what audience segments and markets think of your institution and its distinct promises and advantages. A validated recommender and promotion model assesses awareness and brand perception, reputation scoring, and personality-driven insights by individual designated market areas (DMAs) or region.

Digital Perception Research

Our Digital Perception Research improves brand awareness and empowers your college or university to better focus your digital approaches and spending. Our strategic brand perception metrics combine proprietary digital search practices and ad buy trends with an in-depth assessment of where key audiences engage with your institution online.

Perception Benchmarking Analysis

Perceptions are dynamic, changing at any moment. Our Perception Benchmarking Analysis builds on historic research and sample frameworks to yield fresh, evolving insights. Consistent benchmarking enables nimble strategy and communication adjustments.

When we needed data to inform our strategic plan, Carnegie designed a highly customized project that helped answer our biggest questions at Rhodes College. Dr. Marjorie Hass
Former President
Rhodes College

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