Brand Story + Positioning

Tell a story that no other college or university is telling, because only you can tell it. Successful storytelling demands more than facts and figures. It requires a deep understanding of your brand’s authentic personality. The brand story platform we provide is infinitely adaptable, personality-rooted messaging that harnesses the emotions of your audience and translates them into compelling, authentic human connections.

Competitive Brand Positioning

With the increasing commoditization of the higher education market, your brand positioning strategy must hold up against a number of pressures. Don’t chase what you think your audience wants—understand who you are and what makes your story distinctive. Creating impactful brand awareness and generating affinity with any audience requires a focused message. Carnegie’s brand strategists lead our project teams in refining your brand position to one that is authentic, competitively advantageous, and also rooted in data. It is from this foundation that your storytelling finds efficacy and strength.

Creating Human Connection

Your brand is multifaceted. You don’t have one personality trait; you have a multitude. These traits come alongside faults, perceptions, modes of connection, and your institution’s reason for being. By harnessing the power of how people feel and rooting it in our proprietary archetype science, we capture the humanity of your brand and craft a meaningful, personal, and authentic storytelling platform that resonates with your audience across markets.

Consistent Messaging Built for Longevity

Grounded in personality research, your message platform is centered on who you are, not what you do. This creates one evergreen storytelling platform–built on consensus–that is accessible for all stakeholder groups and designed for longevity.

This boundlessly versatile story can be layered into a myriad of campaigns, whether print or digital, and tailored to attract specific audiences using the emotions proven to resonate most. The power of your messaging platform is both in the consistency it provides to your community and in the range of compelling, intricate, and diverse stories it guides.

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