Brand Activation

After you’ve announced your refreshed/revamped/new brand, the first six months of a brand launch are crucial for establishing forward momentum, engaging stakeholders, and activating the brand across the institution. Our suite of customized consulting services will help you develop and execute a brand rollout strategy tailored to your needs and goals.

Tailored Brand Implementation Roadmap

This customized roadmap will use the scoped internal brand training as a springboard to guide the implementation of your brand personality across multiple channels, serving as the critical bridge between your brand personality and its implementation.


Our brand activation strategists will work with you to create a detailed, nine- to 12-month implementation roadmap for your brand rollout. Our roadmap will include your overall plan for engaging institutional stakeholders internally and rolling out your brand externally to your priority audiences. We’ll delineate not only how to activate your brand personality but also identify the tools and products you’ll need to execute your plan. As part of our work, we’ll help you create a multiphase brand activation and engagement roadmap that includes a creative production calendar.

Brand Ambassador Activation

Your brand ambassadors are your champions—equipping and mobilizing them will reap huge rewards. This six-month engagement will include two working sessions, the development of necessary training and mobilization of resource materials, participation in kickoff meetings, and six monthly progress check-ins.

Workgroup Activation

Your workgroups are the keys to operationalizing the brand. We’ll help you identify necessary teams, cultivate team members, and develop charters and prioritized work plans. This six-month engagement will include two working sessions, the development of all essential materials, participation in kickoff sessions, and six monthly progress check-ins.

Storytelling Strategy

Your brand is expressed most effectively through the stories you tell. In this three-month engagement, we’ll help you establish a multidisciplinary and consistent approach to storytelling, identify systems to support digital storytelling, plan your initial set of brand-based stories, and lead a day-long, interactive storytelling workshop for your production team.

Customized Training Programs

We’ll create a multifaceted and multichannel brand training program that you can use over time to onboard new institutional stakeholders. The training program will include three modules: editorial training, visual training, and brand storytelling across print, web, and social channels.

Organizational Assessment & Staffing

Rolling out a brand requires the proper centralized resources to drive the effort. In this two-month engagement, we’ll assess your current organizational chart and job descriptions, identify gaps in capacity or capability, recommend an optimized structure for central brand management, draft necessary job descriptions, and prioritize new hires. We’ll also develop a business case to support any recommended changes and funding requests.

Brand Analytics

We’ll help you determine the key performance indicators (KPI) for measuring the success of your brand rollout. Based on those KPIs, we’ll create a dashboard that will aggregate data at a glance to help you chart your progress and demonstrate success to campus stakeholders and senior leadership.

Creative Production Support

Even the best creative teams require time and training to fully express an institution’s brand personality well. Our creative team will be available for any of your creative production needs across print, web, digital, or social channels. Uses for these support hours could include:

  • The development of additional canvasses to illustrate campaigns and/or new visual identity elements.
  • The production of actual creative work (print, web, digital).
  • Extension of additional visual or editorial brand guidelines.
  • Additional virtual or in-person training sessions or workshops.

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