In-House Slate Execution for Student Search

An in-house Slate Student Search is game changing. This operational improvement on past Student Searches gives you ultimate control (versus a third party) while also providing the support you want. With a Carnegie Student Search, you own all the data, the reporting is fully transparent, and your communications are built into your CRM for automatic deployment and timely optimizations. Our Slate Optimization team will support your transition and execution of an in-house Student Search. Your student records, communications, student personas, even your print execution— it’s all integrated into your Slate instance. It’s a seamless Student Search, and it’s optimized to help you meet and exceed your enrollment goals.

Fully Supported

Our goal is to maximize your Student Search by making the most of your Slate CRM. Your Student Search optimization and execution will be fully supported by our Slate team, ensuring you will get the most out of your CRM and your Student Search. Bringing your Student Search in-house is an optimization that will return your investment year after year—freeing up needed resources for a diversified strategy!

  • Starting with a discovery of your Slate instance, we will become familiar with all the nuances of your Slate setup and provide you with opportunities to enhance your use of this robust technology.
  • Our Slate Team will set up your communication flows, implement data tagging processes, set up campaign reporting, and support the activation of improvements.
  • We also offer additional support with training, microsites, web personalization, and territory management engagements as needed.

Campaign Automation

Your Student Search campaigns will be entirely built and managed through your Slate instance, supported by our team.

  • Utilizing Slate’s drip marketing tool, we develop segmented and targeted campaigns based on academic, geographic, demographic, psychographic, and other variables to achieve your Student Search goals. 
  • Our experienced communication flow experts are ready to support your inquiry, application generation, yield, and anti-melt campaigns.
  • Your Slate campaigns will be supported by our award-winning Creative team and tenured enrollment experts who will work with you to develop an integrated and segmented communication plan, activated by head-turning creative assets to get the best responses from prospects and inquiries.

Data Management

In addition to your name-buying consultation and modeling, we support the transition of those records into your CRM to ensure proper setup for segmentation and reporting. Slate will be set up for your psychographic segmentation, with fields to track and leverage this data across your Student Search effort.

Transparent Reporting

We create real-time campaign tracking reports within your Slate instance to monitor each campaign and achieve maximum performance through optimization of your campaigns. There are no data transfers or exports as our team works directly in your Slate instance. You’ll have access to your data and reporting 24/7—no requests needed or report delivery delays!

A truly transparent and integrated Student Search.

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